Chloe cracks me up!  Last night was like many nights we have.  Blake goes to bed before I do because he is up so much earlier.  Sometimes Chloe will go with him but last night she stayed with me.  She made it clear that she didn’t want to stay with me though.  She kept going to the bedroom door and whining then running back to me and poking me with her nose.  So finally I let her in the room.  I really didn’t want her on the bed but I let her snuggle with him anyway!  She has to be under the blankets to be happy, she is so funny.

When I was ready for bed I came in and like a meany kicked her out of the bed.  She likes to snunngle so close that I just can’t handle it while I am pregnant.  She gets such an attitude over this that I almost laugh out load!  She will walk from my side to Blake’s side trying to get back on the bed.  I tell her to go lay down and she quickly runs to her bed and starts kicking it around.  She will huff and puff and throw herself down really loudly.  Then she starts groaning and moaning like it is just sooooo terrible to have to lay on this big nice bed she has.

She will get up and go through this routine a few times before she will finally give up.  I just wonder if she has more attitude than most Weims or if they all typically have this?

This is not the only way she gives attitude.  She also does it when she wants water.  She will just go up to her empty dish and smack it really hard.  Then she comes and gives us a really dirty look.  Of course I refuse to give her what she wants when she is so demanding.  Then she will get mad and go lay down and groan.  She is so vocal about what she wants.  She doesn’t bark for hardly anything.  Her noises are more like a bratty teenage girl!

After we get a video camera I hope to get her acting like this!  It is just so funny.

Do you have a Weim?  If so do they give attitude like this?


5 Responses

  1. My in-laws have a weim and she’s definitely a sassy dog!! My dogs also have attitude, though, and must snuggle as close as possible.

  2. She does have an attitude!! 😉

  3. HA! This cracks me up!!!! =)

  4. I have a Weim and she is 9 months old. She has attitude like Chloe!! LOL

  5. I laughed so hard when I read this because my Weim is the exact same way. She sleeps in the bed with my husband, on my side, under the covers and head on the pillow. When I kick her out she will huff and puff. If I ignore her long enough she will try to crawl back on the bed ever so gentley. This goes on most the night. We finally caved. She gets her own pillow and blaket at the foot of our bed now. : )

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