Mission: Organization

I have been so stressed out and frustrated with the disorganization and just plan mess our home has been in.  I knew when we moved in before everything was finished this would be an issue.  I think I underestimated how frustrating it would be.

Our biggest problems are:
Lack of space- We have not completed the areas of the house that will help us be most organized.  I am actually going to share with everyone just how bad it is.

closet This is our walk-in closet.  It is big!  7×5 feet to be exact.  Since we don’t have much storage space designed in the house we made a rather large closet that will serve as storage for clothes as well as other items.  The problem is that we have not finished it.  Good news is on the horizon!  We are putting the shelves in tonight and laying carpet one day this week!

In the mean time we have been living out of laundry baskets in the bedroom floor.
bedroom Some of it was just too bad to show!  Here you can see that there area few baskets behind the ironing board that will one day sit nicely on closet shelves.  Also the ironing board and floor serve as a place to do my hair.  We have not moved these sort of things into the bathroom yet because we have not finished that space.

linen Behold the linen closet in the bathroom.  This will one day house bath towels, bedding, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and the like.  Above the water heater we will even have space for things like a tool box, light bulbs, and other items like that.

In the mean time I have a rooling cart full of all our personal grooming items that sits in the dinning room.
bath Our closet will be ready to use this week too so everything is sitting waiting to be put in its home.

It gets worse too!  We have been taking our laundry upstairs to my in-laws house since our laundry room wasn’t finished.  We will be getting a washer and dryer tomorrow and installing it before the room is finished to try to make things easier but this is what it looks like.
laundry As you can see we don’t have any walls yet.  Minor details right!

We have four rooms that look like this.  The laundry room, office, the nursery and a spare room.  The spare room is on the other side of the laundry room.  You may be able to see that it is home to some odds and ends right now.  Mostly things like the trim that has to be put up in some of the rooms still.

office This will one day be our office.  It is now home to tools and items being used to build the house.  Oh and a bike, a few pieces of furniture and some items that need to be put in the shed or attic.

babys-room And the nursery!  Poor baby Piper!  She has such a messy room.  We know she will be born before we can finish this completely so we plan to keep her in our room.  This will make midnight feedings easier anyway.  We have a large sitting area in the bedroom that will serve perfectly for her until this is finished.  This room now houses some odds and ends that we are storing for my in-laws.  Most of this just needs to go in the trash or to Goodwill but must be gone threw first.  The rest is our stuff that will go in the laundry room or the office…someday!

This week many things will get completed that will make life easier.  I am sure you can see why I feel like pulling my hair out trying to keep the house clean!

BUT I want to make sure I have a good plan to get organized.  I am so used to living among the mess that as things get better I am afraid of not knowing how to keep things clean.  I need a daily plan that can help us have good habits.  Also I want to be organized so I know what to do each day so that I don’t get over whelmed.  I have heard so many good things about the Fly Lady so I thought I would turn there!  I am starting with baby steps so that I can create habits of these everyday tasks.  I hope to have a weekly routine to keep the house clean and organized by the time Piper arrives.  It will be hard work but well worth it.

I will keep everyone posted on my progress.  If I don’t mention it please ask!  I need some accountability in this task!


5 Responses

  1. I am stressed out just looking at it. I can not imagine living like that and being PREGGERS!

    Do your in-laws live upstairs?

    • Yes, We have a walk out basement on their house. Our way of staying close since they are up in their age and since we could design it around our needs. Blake built the house and our situation confuses everyone. Basically we 2 apartments the size of full size houses. I guess you’ll just have to come see it one day! Let us get it done first!

  2. Don’t worry about it. It sounds like you guys are working on it. It’ll just take time. Isabel’s 3 mos and she doesn’t have a room yet and so far it’s been fine. She sleeps in a bassinet in the hallway.

    Having a routine planned will help you stay more organized when Piper comes. Just remember to just focus on very basics at that time. I got into some good cleaning habits while pregnant and was keeping the house clean and when I couldn’t do it all after Isabel was born I’d get stressed out. Now I’m used to not getting everything done and am learning a routine works better for us at this time.

    I sounds like you have a good plan. Your head is organized even if your house isn’t yet.

  3. Can I just say I know how you feel!!!!

    We just moved my old storage shed from my dad’s to our house this weekend!!! That will help us out a TON!!! Our 2nd bedroom is FULL of material and tools for us to finish the house!!! It’s jammed packed!!! It’s sooooooooooooooo sad!!! No one can even come over and stay the night if they wanted to!!!

    So this weekend Mr. “S” is going to finish working on the shed! He is putting shelves in it to store all his tools!!! =) YIPPEE!!! That means SPACE in our house!!! We will get our 2nd bedroom back…now I can decorate another room!!!!

    Hang in there….
    I feel your pain!!!!!!

  4. […] before the baby comes.  I feel her pain!  Remember that I have been trying to keep up with Fly Lady to get our house in better order.  I love Fly Lady but she just has lots more energy than I do at […]

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