Christmas Pictures

We had a great time in Ohio!  I love seeing everyone, especially the kids!  They are all growing so fast!  Here is a picture of the grand kids my parents have so far.  The 3 oldest belong to my older sister Jenny and the 2 youngest belong to my younger sister Chelsea.


I thought that they all looked so cute in their red and black!

On Christmas Eve my siblings, their spouses, and their kids all get together at my parents house.  We have a gift exchange, go to the Christmas Eve service at church and make personal pizzas for dinner.  It is always so much fun!  Since my parents have so many kids our family is huge.  There are 6 of us and 4 of us are married and having kids.  All together there are 17 of us with 2 on the way.  As you can tell it can be a tight squeeze!


We have lots of fun though!

And how can I forget these 2 grand-dogs!  Here is Chloe and my brother’s puppy Tyson.


It took some patience to get them to sit like this!  But how cute are they!

Oh and one great experience at Christmas was seeing my niece Isabel laugh.  She had apparently just started laughing the night before and I was able to capture a picture of her.  She is 2 months old now.  Spending time with her just makes me even more anxious to see and hold Piper!



2 Responses

  1. how cute is Tyson?! Of course I would comment on the dog and not the cute humans!

  2. What a beautiful family and adorable doggies. Looks like you had a very blessed Christmas!

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