We love you Marley.

We hope you enjoy your new home and new family!  You will always be part of ours.


6 Responses

  1. oh man- that makes tear up just looking at him. 😦 Seriously so sad.

  2. ahh, and you changed your picture too! 😦 More sadness.

    • Blake said I had to change the picture becuase it would make him sad too much! We take him tonight around 7…

  3. Aww I will miss him so much! He was such a sweet dog.

  4. Hooray for Marley! Just think of all the fun he is going to have! He will have little kids to play and love him for the rest of his life!! Try to keep your chin up! We will miss you Marley!


  5. Oh girlie…
    I know you are sad!!!! =( It’s all for the best though!!!!!

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