Can anyone help me???

I have a huge frustration with Dick’s Sporting Goods!  Last year we bought an elliptical on 12 months same as cash.   We had problem after problem with this thing!  First it broke after a week of having it.  Then we got it replaced and was excited because they even gave us the cheaper price it was on sale for.  But then the new one broke!  We wanted our money back but they refused to stand behind their product.  We finally at least got them to give us an in-store credit so we could use our money for something not broken!

Now that the 12 months is about up I am trying to pay off the balance before the finance charge is applied!  Wouldn’t you think I could just log on to their website and pay it off!  NO!  Because when I log in I just get a blank screen.  It has been doing this for a week!  So I called their 800 number thinking maybe someone in customer service might be able to tell me what is going on.  haha Who was I fooling!  I of course got to speak to a very nice woman who didn’t speak any English!  She simply told me that I could go online to pay it off in response to my question of why their site wasn’t working.  I don’t know maybe she just didn’t understand me…

So now I have just a few days to get the check to them in the mail or I can pay it over the phone for a 10 dollar charge.  Do I take the chance that it will actually get there one time and hope if it does that they won’t hold my check until after the date so they can make some money.  Or do I suck it up and pay 10 dollars over the phone because conveniently (for them) the website isn’t working where I could make a payment…for free.


3 Responses

  1. the bag is super cute.

    i would put the money in the mail.. . Don’t give them anymore. Plus- even if the the check is one day late, they usually have a two day grace period.

  2. Could you please use the email me button on my blog and send me Chloe’s address??


  3. I would just mail it! =)
    I would sent it with a delivery confirmation through the post office! It doesn’t cost that much! I would NOT pay their $10 fee!

    You could also call the 800# back and tell them the website is down…talk to a manager and ask the manager to WAVE the fee. That might work!

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