Our Marley

We have had to make a very hard decision. Since I have gotten pregnant having 2 dogs has just been harder than I would have imagined. I have been wearing myself out with both of them and I am so stressed out by the end of the day. I worry that things are just going to get worse after the baby is born. These dogs just require more exercise and attention than I can give them both. When we rescued Marley we had no idea we would be getting pregnant so soon.

We decided that it would be best for both the dogs and us if we found Marley a new home. It is heartbreaking! It is really hard on Blake too because Marley was his dog! We have to keep reminding ourselves that Marley would have died if we wouldn’t have taken him. He had an 8 foot tap worm and was very weak when we got him.

He still needs so much attention and is having jealousy issues with Chloe. We try so hard to give them both lots of attention but it just isn’t enough for either of them. Anyone who has a Weim will now what I mean by this. We decided that Marley needed a family that he was the only dog. We thought it would help with some of the issues he is having. But we set high standards for who we would let take him. After all he is like a child to us!

The family would have to give him regular exercise each day, let him in on family activities, be willing to continue training with him, keep him indoors. Also we wanted to see him interact with the family and see their house. And if for any reason they would not be able to keep him he must be returned to us.

After a long time of trying to actually go through with this and pestering all of our family to take him we posted him on Craig’s list. It was hard but we figured just because we posted him didn’t mean that we had to pick someone who answered the ad. We were actually so picky that we didn’t even bother responding to a few of the emails. Many people wanted Marley for a companion for another dog. Even though I clearly stated in the ad that he didn’t do well with other dogs. We have had a very hard time socializing him!

We finally had someone respond that seems like a wonderful home. I am hoping this home will be an answer to our prayers. They have 2 young children and live near a wooded area where he can get lots of exercise. Because there are young children involved and they don’t want them to get their hopes up we have decided to visit them like the are interviewing us about what it is like to have a dog. They want us to talk to their kids about taking care of a dog and the responsibility involved. Then we also decided that they could keep him for a weekend to see what if he will fit in their family well. They will tell the children that it is part of this interview of learning how much responsibility a dog takes. They have been talking to their kids for some time about getting a dog so this will all fit right in with all of the research they have been doing. If Marley isn’t right for them than he can come back home with us without the children getting so upset.

We will be doing this next weekend. It is still hard even though we think we have found a good home. I just hope that if all work out we can have some doggy play dates from time to time because we will all miss him dearly!


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  1. I totally understand, and I have to say it doesn’t get easier when the baby comes. It is a heart breaking decision, but I am sure you will come to see it was the right one, for both yourself and your dog. The struggle for me has been now that my daughter is mobile and carrying food, our dog will eat anything in her hands. Pets are good to have, but they are work! I am so sorry you had to make this decision…I am sure it was heartwrenching!

  2. that is so hard! I think it is a wise choice. John talks about getting another dog, but I tell him that we should wait until Diesel is older and we wait until after the kids are born. I am so sorry, I am sure that is was sad.

    On a different note- sorry I have been out of the blog world. We have had computer issues (as you experienced) but now we are back.

    I love seeing the pictures of your belly- so exciting!
    I will e-mail you our address-
    we might have a small dog party for Diesels 1 yr- i want your address too! 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry. That’s one of the hardest things, but I’m sure the family that gets him will appreciate him and take good care of him for you.

  4. What a great idea!!!! I hope the family likes him and everything works out!!!! The kids will give him lots of love I’m sure!!!!

  5. That sounds really hard 😦 I can’t imagine dealing with one pet, let alone being pregnant too!

  6. Sorry, hugs. I think you made a very responsible decision and I’m sure after he adjusts, he will be very happy.
    We almost gave Mandy away about a year ago to a lady at our vet who wanted her. Mandy nipped at Tuffy and that bothered us but she has let up almost completely now! I know how hard that was for you. More hugs.

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