24 days til Christmas!

We had a great trip to Ohio!  We won’t talk about how horrible Marley was because I would like to forget it.  The rest of the trip was just wonderful!

We left out Wednesday and got there just in time to relax and go to bed.  Thursday was great.  We went to my aunts house for Thanksgiving.  The food was wonderful as always.  When my family gets together we play games.  We had to all try to squeeze around the table to play but that didn’t slow us down.  My cousins were there that I haven’t seen in years and it was so much fun for them to met Blake and catch up.  We were very close as children because they used to spend the summers with us and now as adults we hardly see each other.  They live in Florida and I always miss them so much!

Friday we did a small amount of shopping (1 store) and just enjoyed the day hanging out with my siblings.  That night my sister and her family went to go see Christmas lights with us.  We went to Clifton Mill which has the best lights I have ever seen!  After that we went to Young’s and ate ice cream.  Seeing the lights with my nieces and nephew just made me so excited for when we can do that with our kids!




Saturday we went into Springfield to eat and found ourselves taking a tour of the city.  It has beautiful architecture throughout the city and I thought Blake would enjoy seeing it.  We drove around and looked at some very neat buildings.  They even have a legendary Frank Loyd Wright home there!


Later that night my mom cooked a small Thanksgiving diner and then my siblings came over to play some games with us.  We had a great weekend!  Now I can’t wait til Christmas!


2 Responses

  1. The Christmas lights are very very pretty!!!! =)

    I’m glad yall had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!! =)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time!! Cliff would have loved seeing FLW’s house!!!! Me too. the lights were beautiful.

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