Thanksgiving Meme

Joy @ Joy of desserts tagged me in this fun meme.  I loved reading her answers and I will love reading yours.  I am tagging:

Jeannie @ musings from left field
Diana @ planted by the waters
Britni @ talent to play

There are only two easy rules:
1. Post these rules when you participate in this meme.
2. Link to the people you tag as well as the person who tagged you.

1. Which do you like better: hosting Thanksgiving at your home, or going elsewhere?
I have never had a chance to host Thanksgiving.  I do think I would have fun doing it but all of my family is in Ohio so we travel.  Which I am looking forward to because we could use a little get away to relax.

2. Do you buy a fresh or frozen turkey? Organic? Free-range?
I believe my family usually gets a frozen free-range.  If it were me I would try to get an organic, mostly to support local farming (of course I like the obvious health reason too).

3. Do you make stuffing or dressing? What kind?
Hmm neither!  I don’t even really know the difference.  But I don’t like that sort of stuff.

4. Sweet potato pie or Pumpkin pie?
Pumpkin!  It has to be my moms too!

5. Are leftovers a blessing or a curse?
I love leftovers.  Our big family can split them up and it isn’t so bad.  I look forward to bringing some home especially this year being pregnant and hungry all the time!  I am also going to make some goodies out of leftover turkey this year.

6. What side dishes are a must-have in your family?
Lets see: corn pudding, grandma’s chicken and noodles, green bean casserole,  moms sweet potato casserole (topped with nuts not marshmallows), broccoli casserole…  too much stuff to list!  I am hungry now!

7. What do you wish you had that might make Thanksgiving easier?
Living closer to my family.  It is only 3 hours but it seems to take forever sometimes!

8. If/when you go to someone else’s house for the holiday, do you usually bring a dish? If so, what is it?
I don’t take anything.  I help my mom make whatever she is making since we have to travel.  Actually last year I did make no bake cookies.  This year…nothing.

9. What do you wish one of your guests would bring to your house?
I would just like to host something at our house sometime.  We have only had a place for a short time so I am sure the day will come.

10. What do you wish one of your guests would NOT bring to your house?
haha this is just a funny question!

11. Do you stick with a particular menu from year to year, or do you mix it up?
My family makes the same things every year!  Except dessert…we get creative each year in that area.

12. Is Thanksgiving a religious or secular holiday in your home?
For Blake and I it is religious (biting my tongue because I hate that word).  Also for most of our family…but unfortunately some of our family do not have faith in Christ and are all about the food.  But we enjoy being together each year and some of us see it as an opportunity to share our faith with family!

13. Share one Thanksgiving tradition.
We really don’t have any traditions for Thanksgiving.

14. Share one Thanksgiving memory.
Oh so many good ones but nothing that stands out too much.  I just love getting together with my family and this year we will have everyone together for the first time in years.  There are 37 people (4 generations) plus boyfriends and girlfriends.  We play games and just have so much fun being together!

15. Name five things you’re thankful for.

  1. My family
  2. Our baby on the way
  3. Jesus Christ giving his life so that I (and you) can have eternal life!
  4. My mother-in-law starting to recover from her recent stroke and surgery just in time for the holidays!
  5. Having our home almost finished, Blake’s new job and many other blessings!

If you would like; feel free to join in the fun!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


2 Responses

  1. Your answers are a lot like mine.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers. Number 14 was so nice too. I love big family gatherings too. 🙂

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving this year too.

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