Quick Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend!  Friday night we played cards and had pizza with a few couples from church.  It was so much fun and gave us a chance to get to know people a little more.  Our new friends are quickly becoming very much like family!

Sunday after church we had some grocery shopping to do.  We recently got a membership to Sam’s Club.  We got a great deal on it because we split the cost with my in-laws.  We have found some great deals since joining.  Of course you have to watch prices but we will save enough to pay off the price of the membership just with dog food.  Yesterday I picked up a huge bag (12lbs.) of baking soda.  I go through this stuff like crazy because I use it for cleaning.  I also got a big thing of Cascade for the dish washer.  As far as grocery’s we got 2 whole chickens, 5lbs. of ground turkey, salad mix, bananas, and a fresh veggie mix.

After that we went to a few other stores and looked around then went into Kohl’s and found some great deals on clothes.  I have not bought much in the way of maternity clothes yet and the bigger I get the more I need them!  I got a pair of black dress pants, a purple sweater, and a grey long sleeve t-shirt.  Blake got a few sweaters for work too.

375110_plum 3751141

I think these will make a great Christmas outfit.

We had a great weekend and found some great deals!  The weekend went by way too fast.  This week we will be working on trying to finally finish the bathroom.  It is getting too cold to walk upstairs for showers.  hopefully I will have some god pictures to post by the end of the week.


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  1. It sounds like yall had a FUN weekend!!! =) We also went to Kohl’s (Thursday night). I bought 2 tops, a pair for flip flops ($3.80) and a new purse that I love love love! I need to blog it!!! =) I just LOVE it!!!! I know I already said that!!!!

    Shad bought a pair of jeans and 2 shirts!!!

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