Birthing Class

I learned a good lesson last night.  I started searching for a birthing class to take and was amazed at how much they cost.  Being that we would have to go Lexington I thought a weekend intensive would be the best option.  Having to go on a week night for 5 or so weeks in a row would just be too much.  Not to mention we could save on gas.  Saving money on these things is really important because we do not ave any insurance.

The first class I looked at was a 2 day weekend at 155 dollars.  I decided that was far more than I really wanted to pay.  Even though that class was geared more towards natural child birth, it just wasn’t in our budget.  I tried looking at the website of a hospital in the area that is known for a great maternity program.  I had a hard time finding much on their site so I went on to another hospital.  They offered a class that was a Saturday only and it was 50 dollars.  I was beginning to think that sounded better.

I really almost stopped there.  I figured all the hospitals would have similar prices.  The first place was just so expensive because they were a private company.  Luckily I was bored so I kept looking.  I found one website that provided links to all the hospitals and other places in Lexington that offer birthing classes.  This was very helpful.  I started going down the list and the prices decreased with each hospital.  The lowest was about 20 dollars when I looked at the final hospital.  It was the one I was interested in to start but I couldn’t find anything on their site.  They offer all birthing classes for free.  Many wee already full but I don’t need them until March.  All I have to do is register to let them know we are coming and that is it!

I learned many lessons here.  Don’t give up because you found something you can afford.  If you spend just a few more minutes comparing prices you will save even more money!  We could afford 50 but free is so much better!  Do your homework early before you need to take the classes because they fill up very quickly.  Especially when they are offered for free.  There were many classes full all they way past my due date.

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5 Responses

  1. The first price you mentioned was ridiculous! Free is good!!

  2. I am hoping the baby will be born on my birthday April 25th! Is he/she due the first or last part of April? 🙂

  3. I was also discouraged by the high cost of birthing classes, so we took a $25 intensive class and supplemented with books from the library. We can request any book in the library system and they’ll get it to our local library. I was able to check out every book I wanted to look at except one! FREE!

  4. This really is a great lesson. You can normally always find a better deal if you keep looking. Well unless of course it’s an amazing deal to begin with!

  5. Way to go on the FREE class!!! That ROCKS!!!! =) You saved some BIG money there!!!!

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