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Now that I have been starting to feel lots better I have to start getting in shape!  I visited the chiropractor again yesterday and see the midwife next week.  I have had strict instructions from both to get lots of exercise.  I have been taking the dogs for walks but I would like to do more.  My sister gave me a Pilate’s video for pregnancy but I haven’t tried it yet.  The only things my midwife has really said as far as my diet is that I need more veggies and more water.   I have been eating a salad every day now and have been trying to get more water.

I am 15 weeks today and I have already gained about 15 pounds.  I really haven’t eaten bad at all so it surprises me.  And I gained really fast which was surprising because I didn’t eat a lot in the beginning because I was feeling so sick.  My mom thinks I am having twins because I am huge already.  I have an appointment for an ultra sound December 9th.  I can’t wait to find out what the baby will be and make sure there is only one in there!  Actually I am sure I could handle twins it would just be hard to wrap my mind around at first.

Many of you have asked about baby names.  We only have a boy name picked out.  Asher Blake if we have a boy.  We have trouble agreeing on girl names.  I am open to suggestions!  We had picked a boy name before we were ever pregnant.  I came up with it because I was reading the account of Zilpah, the maid servant of Leah give birth to Asher and she named him that because it means happy and blessed.  The name just stuck with me after that and Blake seemed to like it well too.  As far as the middle name…obviously Blake is from my hubby!  But Blake is actually his middle name.  His first name is Christopher but has never went by it, so it works well to have the baby’s middle name Blake!  But please if you have suggestions about girl names send them this way!


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  1. Oh I love the names Asher and Blake!!! I love the meaning of Asher and that you picked it out of the bible. If we had had children, we were going to name them Daniel or Hannah. I love bible names.

  2. Gina, I love the name Hannah but Blake hates it because of Hannah Montana! But a couple in our SS class has a young daughter named that anyway. And it is my little nieces middle name. Oh well…

  3. mmm… How about Lauren? Thats a good name!

  4. OMG…I am gone for a few months and look what you went and did. Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your hubby.

    Kathryn is a beautiful name. It means “pure” in Greek. heh heh

  5. I’m glad you are feeling better! =)

    Girlie?!?! I don’t know about names?
    How about Jeannie…HA!

  6. I sure gained a lot more w/ my first than I am now. I think it’s because your body has never gotten ready for a baby before so it starts early. Like w/ my first I was in a new bra by 7 weeks, yea, that’ll put on a few extra pounds! This time around I’m 16 weeks and still chillin. 🙂

    And hey, you might be big, but depending on how your cervix is tilted and the position of the baby can make you look bigger or smaller. Some days I swear I grow an inch, only to be an inch smaller the next day! I figure baby must have turned funny. 🙂 And we find out the sex of our babe on Dec 3. I can’t wait!! Do you have an inkling of what you think yours might be?

  7. Erin,

    Oh, I am so glad that you are soliciting for names! HOW FUN! Off the top of my head I like the name Lily, just because it sounds pretty, but I’m gonna give you a longer list…(since you asked)!!!

  8. Erin,
    I have lots of names that I like so I will give you a list…
    Aubrey Aspen
    Mckenna Cassidy
    Cameron Lily
    Sara Tristen
    Clair Alaina

  9. Okay the names beside the names arent middle names.. they are first names too they just came up like that.

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