Hot Water…how hard could it be?

I don’t even know if I can write this without crying!  I am fearing the worst…  I almost do not even know where to start this story.  Let’s see…

Once upon a time…a long long time ago…about two years ago…when we first had the actual house built, a plumber came and filled the walls and floors with pipes.  We were so excited to see all these things take place.  But there was a problem, we were having a tankless water heater installed and the plumber who installed it didn’t know the first thing about it.  So we realized that the water wasn’t being heated right in either our house (downstairs) or my in-laws (upstairs).  So Blake’s Dad had the plumber come back and try to fix them.  We moved in to the upstairs with my in-laws since it was already finished.  The hot water seemed wonderful.  That is from the heater that heated the upstairs.  We realized that our heater down stairs wasn’t working.  Instead of endless warm water, we had scalding hot water then freezing cold.  That was what was originally wrong upstairs too so we thought it could be fixed.  Worse case their was a life time warranty on the water heater.

So the day came a year ago when we started to work on finishing our house.  We were both working full time jobs so Blake’s Dad was wonderful enough to help us out.  He hired and overseen the various workers we needed to come in and get things done.  Then this past spring we had the time to really take over and finish it out together.  We ask several times over those two years if we could get someone to fix the water.  The electric and plumbing was wonderfully being paid for as a gift by my in-laws.  So we had to wait for Blake’s Dad to hire someone to come out.

As we were trying to finish everything the water heater upstairs caught on fire.  Blake’s Dad had a regular water heater installed because they needed hot water very much.  We were all using their water after all!  He sort of put off sending the tankless back to the company who had the life time warranty.  The plan was, he would send it back, get a new one and have it installed in place of the one in our house that wasn’t working.  When he finally tried sending it back, he found out that the company had changed hands and they would not honor the old warrenty.  In the mean time we couldn’t find a plumber around who knew how to instal them.

So now we come to present date.  Blake’s parents bought a bigger water heater for their house and gave use the one they had.  We have been living in our house since July and had to go up stairs to my in-laws to get showers.  It hasn’t been the most pleasant because our houses are not connected by a stair case.  You acctually have to walk outside and walk around the house to their door.  We have bben able to get enough hot water to do our dishes thankfully.  But this weekwe finally had the other water heater installed.  But we got not a drip of hot water out of it.  We know it works because the tank is full of hot water.  For some reason it just won’t come out of any facuets.  So the plumbers have racked their brains over the matter.  So far they are thinking the problem is with the pipes.  They think that the hot and cold are running together…somewhere.  In order to fix the problem they have to find the pipes that are messed up.  We just finished having the house painted!  But to get to the pipes they wil have to go through the ceilings.  If they have to take the bathroom ceiling out I can handle that.  The bathroom is not finished yet.  BUT if they have to take the living room or kitchen…  Like I said, I really might cry over this!

They are supposed to come today and see what they can do.  I am so afraid of what will happen.  It is just so sickining that the pipes were not covered with walls for well over a year and we don’t find this out until we are almost finished.  If we would have just taken care of the hot water in the beginning…  Most of all what gets me is that I want to get things finished so bad before the baby comes.  Just when I thought things were getting close to done we take 10 steps back!  I don’t want to be tearing out walls, I want to be putting up walls!  The baby’s room has no walls yet which means we have lots to do still!   I just don’t know what to do…I think I might go get sick!


3 Responses

  1. come and stay with me – we have hot water!

  2. Hang in there Erin! Hang in there!!! Maybe it won’t be that bad!!!! I know your pain!!! I do, I do, I do! We were at Lowe’s Sunday morning buying a new water line with a shut off valve for the toilet! I went into the bathroom Friday night and there was water all over the floor!!!! I mean allllllllllllllllll OVER the floor!!!! UGH!!!! Thank goodness we caught it! Thank goodness we were at the house!!!! Thank goodness we didn’t lay hardwood floors in there!!! Thank goodness we were able to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HANG IN THERE & DO NOT STRESS!!!! It’s not good for you or the baby!!!!!!


  3. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

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