Morning Sickness

Chloe tried to take care of me while I was feeling down.  I don’t know what she will do when she is not the baby any more.  I really don’t worry because she always loves my sisters kids.  I think Chloe will love having a baby around to snuggle with!

Here is some of the pictures Blake snapped of Chloe trying her hardest to share the couch with me.

She has never really adjusted to the fact that she has been kicked out of our bed.  We even have to leave the dogs in the living room at night or we would be up all night trying to get them to stay off the bed.  They think they can sneek in after we fall asleep.  So now they always want on our laps on the furniture.  I really don’t even want them on the furiture but it was hard to say no while I was sick.

She is the best snuggle bug!

Really I think there is a selfish motive behind some of her snuggling.  She cracks me up, she falls asleep as soon as she gets comfortable.  She can sleep in any position too.

I guess Blake had some morning sickness too!


4 Responses

  1. i just read a story about a man and a dog in a bed.

  2. These pictures are adorable!! How sweet.

  3. I love it, my favorite part of the day is when Diesel cuddels with me.

  4. Toooooo cute!!!! =) I love the pics! I hope you are feeling better!!!!

    I hope Chloe will do good with the baby too!

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