Just a few things

Sorry I have been a little absent.  As I was feeling bad I really didn’t have anything to say, or felt like being near the computer.  I have been feeling much better lately.  Food is starting to taste better, I have even started liking chocolate again!  Yesterday after church we went to Johnny Carino’s and I enjoyed a yummy connoli for dessert!  We shopped a bit and just enjoyed the time out.  I was so tired after all of it, but it was fun. 

Today we finally closed out on the car we were selling (the bank has drug their feet for a month on this).  We sold our Explorer.  We decided to down grade to have a smaller payment.  The car didn’t go far though, Blake’s mom bought it.  She has never had a vehicle of her own and being short she hates the big long car they have.  The Explorer will be great for her since it has a back up sensor and the peddles can come to you rather than having to sit so close to the wheel.  I will miss it but we will replace it with something similar in size (sniff sniff).

We are finally working on the house again.  Blake has been hanging the trim.  It looks so good!  I will post pictures later today.  We are trying to finish the shower too.  We will be so glad when that is finished.  We really only have a few pieces left but we were a little stumped on how to finish it around the door.     

I have some cleaning to do so I guess I better keep it short.  As long as I am feeling better I will be here.


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  1. Glad you feel a little better!

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