In the Dark

I talked to sister earlier today and she informed me that they lost power from Ike.  They live in the Dayton, Ohio area.  They had 75mph winds and lost lots of trees in the neighborhood as well as power.  They have been without since Sunday afternoon.  They also are without water because they have a well.  My grandma and aunt and uncle live in the same area so they are without power too.  Luckily my family has lots of other family within a couple miles that do have power.  They say it may be the end of the week before they get any power back.

My sister and her husband have 3 little kids and they of course think it is all fun and games.  They tried to tell the kids that they had to use the water in the pipes very sparingly so they couldn’t wash their hands, brush their teeth, or flush the toilet.  Then my brother-in-law laughed and said “Just keep doing things they way you already do.”  They are young kids that are trying to make good habits; this might throw them off course for awhile. 

At least they are able to laugh at the situation for now, I am sure their patience will wear as the week goes on.  Luckily the weather is cooling so they can stay cool too.  They didn’t get any damage to their house and neither did anyone else I know.  What a blessing!


2 Responses

  1. Hi it’s me! I’m at mom’s house I just did laundry and took a great shower! What a blessing. I just saw a OH edison truck down the road. Hopefully it won’t be as long as they’ve predicted. God is teaching me to have patience. Hope you’re having a good day today. Tell Blake and the baby “hi.”

  2. The power came on this morning and I’ve been able to get things back in to order. Keep praying for those who are without power- especially those with wells like us. Pray for Jeremiah’s dad- his surgery is at 8:30 tomorrow.

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