*Upate 9/15*- Jeannie’s family is all doing fine.  Her dad’s place had some damage from a fallen tree but they are staing with him while the power is out.  They were going today to check on the lake house.

*Update 9/14*- I just got a text message from Jeannie saying they are fine.  She got pretty sick during the storm because of the air pressure but is fine.  They have a tree down about 30 ft. from there back door, but nothing hit them.  She hasn’t yet heard from her mom or dad so keep them in prayers still.  Also they don’t yet know about any damage to their house they have been remodeling.  Thank you everyone for the prayers! 

Everyone please pray for my friend Jeannie from Musing From Left Field and all the others who are about to get hit by Ike!  She is in Houston which will be getting lots of rain and high winds.  Hopefully they will not be hit hard!  They are trying to wait the storm out in their apartment.  Go check out here blog for some info on how things are so far and PRAY PRAY PRAY!


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  1. Thank you so much Erin!!!! Thank you!!! We need all the prayers we can get!!! We are just sitting here flipping for each news channel to see the updates! The wind is starting to pick up a little! Still no rain! That will come in the next few hours! They said we should get 10″ of rain! We will get the high winds for 12 hours! WOW!

    I will keep you posted!


  2. Thank You Erin for posting a message on her blog. I’ve been wondering about them all day (and all night) I’m so glad all seems well.

    The pressure from hurricanes is just nasty. I know I hurt from head to toe when I’m near them.

  3. Thanks for the update! Most apprecative!

  4. Glad to hear Jeannie is ok!

  5. She’s been texting me all weekend too and I never thought to post about it…you rock Erin!

  6. Thank you Erin!!!! Thank you sooooooooooo very much!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for keeping all my blog buds up to date!!!! XOXO

    We are still without power at our apartment! Mom’s house and dad’s house is still without power! Dad at least has 2 generators running…so that ROCKS! At least he has lights and the fridge and freezers are working! =) He is also able to run fans which has helped!

    I’m at work! My boss just went out and bought a wireless card so we could check our emails at the office. =) He ROCKS like that! The wireless is very very very slow! I will try to do a short post on my blog!

    Thank you and much love my sister!!!!

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