Food and Stuff

I am taking a break from Menu Plan Monday.  Trying to plan and cooking anything just doesn’t sound appealing to me.  I am having trouble with food these days; nothing sounds good…at all!  Well I take that back, SunnyD has been a good friend of mine so far.  My mother-in-law heard that I was liking it so much and so she got me 2 big jugs of it.  She also got me some Luigi’s Italian Ice.  I have always loved these things but told her that I was going to try to make my own from scratch.  She must have known that I don’t feel up to trying to make them yet.  I just finished eating one and yum-O was it good!  Perfect considering that it has been so yucky hot outside!  Poor Blake has been eating lots of Ramen Noodles and other frozen dinners.  I did cook a huge pot of chicken and noodles this weekend; enough to eat most of the week.  That is about all the cooking anyone will get out of me for a while.

I am really hoping that I get feeling better really soon!  Blake’s birthday is next week and I hope to be able to cook at least a cake.  Maybe we will have to eat out!  I just can barely stand the smell of anything I have tried to cook, especially meat. 

There is not much else going on around here.  We did a whole lot of nothing this weekend.  I have not wanted to leave the couch much so Blake has been reading lots of books and surfing the net.  Pretty boring!  The most exciting thing going on is that we got our satellite fixed today!  We had Direct TV for over a year while upstairs and when we moved into our part in the basement we couldn’t get it to work.  We switched to Dish Network today and they said Direct never hooked up any of the outlets for our house.  Now I can feel sick, lay on the couch, AND have some tv to watch!  So far we are much more happy with the new service…not to mention the DVR!  How did people ever watch tv before this!  haha

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, I look forward to reading all about everyone’s cookouts and whatever else they did!


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