Only my dogs!

I can’t believe how stupid our dogs are!  First off they are the biggest spoiled brats ever!  This morning it was raining just a little when Blake let then out.  Apparently they think they will melt in the rain because they both pooped right on the porch.  I am so mad at them!  I want to tie them up out in the rain.  I guess I should start learning to discipline better before we have this kid!  I mean are all dogs this dumb sometimes or is this a Weim thing?!?  I guess I will get out my rain boots and jacket and have to start taking them out on a leash when the weather is bad.  Grrr….


2 Responses

  1. My dogs are afraid of the rain, too! One of them is also famous for his “walk and poop.” When we’re walking on the sidewalk he likes to just poop as we go, no stopping needed. It makes clean-up a pain. This morning, right next to some nice lucious grass, he actually stopped to go on the sidewalk. I don’t get it!!

  2. My dog use to hate going for his morning walks! I had him when I lived in an apartment with my mom. I would take him for walks in the morning before I would go to work! He was such a SIS…he didn’t want to step in the wet grass from the morning dew! UGH! I use to drag him and make him step in it! Then he would pick his paws up like, “YUCK” lol

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