Home birth

We have been trying to decide what is best for us in preparing for the baby.  I have only had one experience with a local OBGYN and really didn’t like him.  So we started looking out of town for doctors.  We also considered how much the delivery would cost because we do not have any insurance.  With much research we found out it would cost $6,000-8,000.  We are going to sign up with a Christian sharing group called Samaritan Ministries but now that I am pregnant before we signed up that will cover little or none of the expenses.  Either way we will still sign up!  They are a great group and I will write more about it after we are involved.

So after some research we have decided we like the idea of having a homebirth with a midwife.  We are very close to a hospital if there were to be any sort of complication but I really don’t worry about that.  Blake is trained to deliver a baby through his EMT but we don’t need to save that much money.  A home birth will cost only $1,800!  That is including all prenatal visits, the birth and postpartum care (usually about 4 visits).  The standard schedule of prenatal visits, one every month until 28-30 weeks, then every 2 weeks, and weekly during the last month. 

I love the idea of having the baby in the comfort of our home!  I have only been to a hospital twice, once when I was born and once for 3 stitches in my arm.  I don’t like them!  The whole idea of having a baby still scares me.  (I know I better be getting over that!)  Also all visits with the midwife are in home visits.  How much better can it get than that!?!    

So I would love to hear if anyone has had any home births and how they liked it?  Please people no meanness or negativity, I realize that a home birth isn’t right for everyone.  But please do not feel like you have to say mean things here!


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  1. Erin, I stumbled on your blog through your husband’s blog. We had our first son at home and will be having our second son at home around December. My wife is a nurse and knows her stuff. I’m sure she’d be willing to field any of your questions to the best her ability. Her e-mail is listed as the e-mail I left for the comment.

  2. I wish you the BEST of luck either way!!!! You know me…I don’t have a clue!!!!

    That STINKS yall don’t have insurance! =( I’m so thankful my company pays 100% for my medical and then when Mr. “S” and I get married his company pays 100% for the family! So I will be double covered! Thank goodness!!!!

    The home thing sounds godo to me and so much cheaper!!!! =)

  3. You are so right! I sooooooooooooooooooo wished we lived near each other!!! We could trade out on projects!!!! Blake could help us with teh floor and Shad could do plumbing!!! =) That would be FUN!

    Your washer and drier sounds nice! I wished we had the room! Oh well, maybe one day!

    When we first bought this place it was just as a weekend lake house! Well, we didn’t figure the double bills and repairs would hurt us so bad! So now we have no choice but to live there!!! We are hoping a year or so from now…when we get back on our feet we can buy a house near Houston so we want be doing the hour plus drive to work! We’ll just see how it goes!!!!

  4. HA HA! Blake cracks me up!!!!! lol

  5. It sounds good to me! Best wishes with everything.

  6. Erin,

    You are more powerful than you know. Best wishes for a beautiful birth at home.

    You’ll find birth stories, birth videos and a vibrant homebirth community at Indie Birth.

    You are welcome to visit anytime:


  7. A homebirth sounds cool! Don’t be nervous about giving birth! I really liked my experience with a midwife.

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