Yard Sale

So we did go through with our last minute yard sale.  We were so unorganized.  We waited until this morning to make signs, put them all around town, and set up everything.  We were hoping to start around 10 and we had people showing up before we even had everything out on the tables.  I was leery about how well we would do because we mostly had clothes.  Most of them were name brand and in like new condition so all we needed was someone who needed clothes…in our sizes.  We made most of our money in the first half an hour.  Then after a few more hours the traffic slowed down completely.  We decided to call it a day early.  Next weekend we are going to have a bigger yard sale so hopefully we can sell the rest of it!  This was like a trial run to make sure we could get people to even show up since our house is kind of hard to find. 

I am glad we ended early because I am still not feeling the best and it is a hot one today!  It is currently 90 degrees outside!  So I think I will stay in the rest of the day and make some homemade pizza and watch a movie!  We decided to move our couch and chair in the living room even though we still have one more coat of paint to finish because we were getting tired of not having anywhere to sit down.  Now I really can’t wait to decorate! 

Well there is not much else going on around here.  I do want to let everyone know that Blake heard from the Post Office yesterday telling him that he got the job.  This is such a blessing!  Now we are just waiting to hear when they want him to start.


5 Responses

  1. we need to have a yard sale! So will Blake have two jobs? Or will he be an emergency mail man? 🙂

  2. Well, I thought the EMT would be good for when I go postal. HA! 🙂

  3. Way to go Blake!!! I’m soooooooooooooooooo GLAD you got the Post Office job!!!! Yahoooo!!! Good job!!!!!

    Way to go on the yard sale! I can’t wait till we do one!!! Which will be in Oct or Nov! We have sooooooooooooooooo much stuff to sale!!!!!! When Shad and I moved in together we combined 2 apartments plus I have a house out at my dads that still has some stuff in it!!! I can’t wait to sale everything and put the money towards all the credit cards we have been charging up!!! =( We charged over $600 this weekend in Lowe’s!!! I need to get these cards paid off!!! I can’t stand charging things!!! It’s freaking me out!!! We should be able to get them paid down AFTER we get moved in and we aren’t paying all the double bills anymore!!!! I more month of HIGH DOLLAR rent!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!

  4. Hi! Found you via Jeannie’s blog – thought I would come check you out.

    You probably made more money at a yard sale than on ebay too – no shipping charges, trips to the post office, etc.

    Odd question – will Blake get a discount on stamps and such as a postal employee? I always wondered if postal folks got a great deal on that (and if people that work for Verizon get free phone service – weird stuff like that!)

  5. Wow that’s a lot of great news. Congrats on the job and congrats on the baby 🙂 Such good news.

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