I have been so sick this evening.  I feel so worn out.  I guess I have some sort of stomach bug or something.  Other than that today has been pretty good.  We went to the Amish store and got some jelly, spices, and dried fruit.  It was fun.  Blake dropped of his application to an EMT service in a neighboring county.  I pray that God may open a door there or at least point him in the direction he needs to go. 

We decided that we are going to try to have a yard sale Saturday.  We have tons of clothes that we just don’t wear.  We considered listing them on Ebay but it just doesn’t seem like clothes like that are getting many bids.  I love the Ebay idea but I have no luck with it. 

We had a nice relaxing evening grilling out tonight.  I brought home tons of sweet corn from Ohio and we grilled it with our chicken.  It was yummy!  The corn tastes so much better in Ohio! 

I hope everyone else has had a good day!


2 Responses

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww yall’s Amish store sounds so cool! I can’t wait to go back to Ohio so I can go to Amish country! =) It was so much fun and the CHEESE is so YUM-O!!!!

    Girl, that is all I saw in Ohio when I was there…fields of corn! I though Texas was country! lol

    I’m glad yall had a good night grilling out!

    I hope Blake gets the God! Fingers crossed!!! Was he able to talk to anyone?!?!? Just so they can get a feel for who he is…not just a name on paper?!?!

    I’m sorry to hear you are sick! =( I was feeling YUCK last night too!!! I just laid in bed trying to fall a sleep…I just knew I was going to run to the bathroom to throw up! Thankfully I didn’t!

    I hope you feel better today!!!

    Glad you like my new blog layout! I was so excited to get it!!!!

  2. Jeannie,
    I already got God, I just want a job. 🙂 jk
    Thank you so much for your support!

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