Long Weekend

I had a great weekend!  Blake had to study for his state test for his EMT class, so he sent me off to Ohio to visit with my family.  It was really unplanned but it was a nice visit! 

Saturday we got up early and went to the Lexington Farmer’s Market.  It was lots of fun!  When we got home Blake decided I should go spend a few days with my family since he would be studyingall weekend.  So I packed up and hit the road.  I took Chloe with me because she would help me not be as homesick.  I tried calling my mom this time to give her a heads up but couldn’t get a hold of her.  I tried calling all my sisters too and none of them were home.  That only meant that they were all together.  By the time I got there I still couldn’t find anyone so I looked at my mom’s calendar.  It just so happened that it said “trash can diner”.  That could only mean that everyone was at my grandpa’s house having a cookout.  So I went over there and found everyone!  It was nice to be able to see my grandpa too!  He got put in the hospital the next day for a small heart attack so everyone please pray for him!

I spent Sunday and Monday hanging out with my mom, 2 of my sisters and their kids.  It was so nice to spend so much time with everyone!  I missed Blake like crazy though!  It just wasn’t the same without him.  I stayed until late Monday night because Blake had his test that night.  I had planned to leave early Tuesday but left late Monday to avoid the traffic. 

All of Blake’s studying payed off because he passed his test!  Now he is finished with school!  I am so glad because I hated when he had to go!  I was really proud of Chloe because she did great while we were in Ohio!  For once she didn’t pee on the floor when we were there.  She also did really great with all of the kids.  They had a lot of fun playing with her!

I had a great weekend but I am glad to be home!  Oh I came home to a kitchen sink, dishwasher, and the ice maker working!  I need to catch up on some posts now like my menu.  I will post it for the remainder of the week!


3 Responses

  1. Sounds fun! It is good you got to surprise them! Congrats to Blake!

  2. I’m still looking for your menu!!! lol! I’ve got to keep us both on track!!! =) I know you would do the same for me!!!

    Your weekend sounded FUN! Glad you got some girlie time with the fam!

    I’m so so so so sorry to hear about your grandpa! I will pray for him!!! =( Mr. “S” grandma was just put in the hospital for a stroke and it’s not looking good so please keep her in your thought and prayers!!!!

    Later Gator!!!!

  3. PS – Congrats to Blake-e-poo!!!! You Go Boy!!!!!!!!! =)

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