About Me

I saw this on Gina’s page and thought it was fun. 

Sport: Tennis
Game: Catch Phrase
Color: Green
Movie: Serendipity
Broadway play I have seen: None
Broadway Musical I have seen: The King and I
Song: Divine Romance (Phil Whickham)

American city I have visited: Nashville, TN
Foreign city I have visited: None
BookLet Me Be A Woman  by Elisabeth Elliot
Children’s Book: The Z Was Zapped  by Chris Van Allsburg
Classic television show: None
Recent television show: The Office
Actor:  Morgan Freeman 
Actress: Sandra Bullock
Perfume: I just like lots of body sprays
Food: Homemade Pizza
Dessert: cannolis
Chain Restaurant: Johnny Carino’s
Local Restaurant: Penn Station
Car: the Ford Explorer that we own
Condiment: Miracle Whip
Kitchen Appliance: Dishwasher
Home Appliance: Computer
Beauty Product: Bronzer
Piece of clothing: jeans
HGTV Show: Designer’s Challenge
Food Network show: Guy’s Big Bite
Author: John Piper
Male Songwriter: None
Female Songwriter: None
Holiday: Christmas
Ballet I have seen: None
Disney character: Little Mermaid
Flower: Daisy
Alcoholic drink: Don’t drink
Non-Alcoholic drink: Lemonade
Magazine: Any about cooking
Animated movie: Beauty and the Beast
Television network miniseries: None
Season: Fall
Male vocalist: Mac Powell of Third Day
Female vocalist: None
Day of the week: I like them all!  That’s what happens when you stay at home!
Household Chore: Cooking
Ice Cream: Homemade Brand Cookies and Cream
Candy: Turtles
Artist: Georgia O’Keefe


One Response

  1. I enjoyed reading yours. I love Morgan Freeman and Beauty and the Beast too. I almost put Beauty and the Beast. Fun!

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