101 Reasons I Love My Husband

Last night Blake spent the night filling out job applications.  He is just about to finish school for his EMT training and having to give his application to all the local fire departments.  He also had to fill out one for the Post Office because they want to interview him this week.  If all goes well he will work part time at both places until one becomes full time…which could be awhile. 

Anyway today we got up early to go to this interview for the Post Office.  I went with him because it was about an hour away even though the job would be local.  He was so stressed out trying to get ready, look professional, and make sure he had all the appropriate paper work.  We ot out the door with time to spare.  We stopped and to gas and he wound up getting it all over his hands.  Then we thought we missed our exit so he speed up a little to get around a slow car and passed a police car.  Luckily we didn’t get pulled over.  Blake accredits that to his slamming on the brakes and making a scared face.   

Finally we got where we were going and just when he started to calm down and go inside I started to gather his papers together.  Then I read the date he was to be there.  I was a little confused because I seldom know the date since I am at home all day.  I asked him what the date was.  We figured out that it was the 12th.  I started laughing uncontrollably out of sheer horror that I had to tell him that his interview is actually tomorrow.  We both laughed until we cried.  Finally I gathered enough breath to blurt out that this was a good practice run and I think we will do fine tomorrow.

We were both confused because last week when the paper came in the mail I just figured the 13th was Tuesday.  Blake just asumed I was right and let it be, even though he wrote the date a hundred times last night when he was filling out applications.  I forgot what date it was and just had it in my mind that it was Tuesday.

So in conclusion we drove an hour away for breakfast.


5 Responses

  1. Cute story! 🙂 At least you got to eat breakfast.

  2. Oh no! Well, at least you had good practice 🙂

  3. Oh Erin! We are too much alike! I hope the interview went well today!

  4. Let me just say it’s NICE that yall can laugh about it!!! =) lol

    So how did it go?
    Fill us in!!!

    I hope all went well for him!!!

  5. that is way funny, how did it go for real?

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