08-08-08 continued

Oh my, I had a great birthday yesterday!  By the end of the night I was exhausted.

We started off the morning by stopping at Spalding’s Bakery in Lexington for some doughnuts.  You have to get there early if you want any with the famed chocolate frosting on them.  I personally prefer just the glazed!  They are the absolute best tasting doughnuts!  They are hand made every morning and always still warm!  They have a crunchy outside and nice doughy inside.  So good people stand in line hours to get them.  They were also mentioned by MSN.com as being one of the best in America!

  They close the doors at noon or when they run out of doughnuts.  We always manage to get there minutes before they close and still have to stand in line for them.  It is worth it!

We then filled up our gas tank and headed west to the longest yard sale in the world.  It spans from Ohio to Alabama.  Being that it runs through Kentucky only about an hour away from us we decided to check it out.  It was fun!

There were vendors set up everywhere!  Some where in peoples yards, others just along side the road, and we even stopped at one at a church.

That is were we found the only thing we came home with.  I spotted this large laundry hamper priced at 18 dollars.  We felt like it was a good deal but then the man selling it told us he sell it for 12.  We couldn’t pass that up! 

  It is in brand new condition and will look great in the house!

The sale was fun but we were a bit bummed out that most everything being sold was junk.  We were hoping to find more great deals for the house.  There was on thing we passed up that we wished we wouldn’t have had to.  It was a 3 tier wrought iron planter.  Both of us new it would have looked great on the porch.  I was very large, taller than me and about 3 or so feet wide.  It had a green patina that matched the paint on the front door really well.  They only wanted 115 dollars but we couldn’t justify buying it at this point. 

We traveled the yard sale just between Frankfort and Danville then headed back toward Lexington.  We traveled a back scenic road into town that was a nice adventure.  We saw some beautiful horse farms that are famed for the bluegrass and also passed through steep rocky areas near the Kentucky River.  It was a wonderful.

We then stopped at Abuelo’s Mexican Resturant for dinner.  I got a chicken chimichanga and Blake had the grande.  If you have never been you must try it some time!

Finally on the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen to get an ice cream cake.  I love these, I used to have them when I was a kid for my birthday all the time.  Nothing better than and ice cream cake for an August birthday!


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  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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