Soon we will be finished with the house, Blake will be finished with school and starting a new job, and I will have lots of time to myself.  I keep wondering what I an going to do to keep myself busy when this all comes to a crashing halt.  It will be so nice to relax a little and find some hobbies. 

A few things that I once enjoyed that I haven’t touched in forever are; scrap booking, painting, photography, cooking, reading, etc.  There are many things that I haven’t done in a long time for one reason or another.  We started working on our house before we were married and now we have been married for a year and a half.   I guess I almost feel like I have forgotten how to entertain myself and relax.

I want to hear what all of my bloggy friends do to entertain themselves via hobbies and such.  Maybe I will take on something new!  Not to mention I will blog more often!  When the time comes I will be redesigning the blog and adding many more things.  Look forward to many new recipes to appear as I will be cooking much more since I will have my very own kitchen for the first time. 

Kathryn- I need your dog cookie recipe because I have my bone shaped cookie cutter all ready for when I get some counter tops!


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  1. Speaking of photography….I still want you to take some lake back and white pictures for our guest bedroom!!! =)

    I’m thinking I will go 8×10!

    You know me…I’m just like you…
    Our house takes up all our time….well, that and my day job and Tastefully Simple mu night/weekend job!

    I stay busy!!!

    I found a really cool website today…
    I saved it on my computer at work! She does a cooking menu for the week and tons and tons of other people join in! Maybe you can I can join in!!!! It keeps you on track for the week so you know what you are cooking and what food you need!!! It’s a GREAT idea!!!! Plus some people post recipes to what they are cooking!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I scrapbook once a month- a Friday from 6 to midnight with friends from college and church. It’s a random group- but that’s what makes it so much fun. It’s great having it 1 time a month too- it’s scheduled ‘me’ time.
    I also like to coupon- but you know that 🙂

  3. You mean people have time for hobbies and such? In between working full time I try and do stuff with friends, exercise, read, and blog… that’s about all that fits in the 24 hours. Oh and sleep some.

  4. It will be so wonderful to have a whole, new house!

  5. Well, I would say in my free time I try to keep our Diesel busy! I actually am trying to work out more. John and I got up and went for a short run this morning with our dog before church! Crazy!

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