I have had it up to here with weeds!


  This is the empty lot next door to us.  From this distance it almost looks peaceful and pretty.  We need to take a closer look!

  Here we are where our yard meets the empty lot.  The lot will probably remain empty because it is a big hole.  It would be hard for anyone to ever build a house here.  That has its pros and cons…trust me.  The owner of the subdivision is supposed to keep all empty lots mowed.  He has yet to mow this so far this year.  So the wind is blowing all of the weeds seeds right into our yard.  It has been a nightmare and I need help.  Just so we really know what we are dealing with lets look even closer!

 This one is about as tall as I am.  I would love to know what I could use as a natural weed killer in my flower beds.  I have been using Roundup but I have to use so much of it.  I really don’t like using chemicals like that but I have never heard of any natural remides that work and won’t hurt my flowers.  Not to mention the cost of buying the Roundup!  So if anyone has any thoughts on this, please don’t hold back!

  Here is an example of how thick they are growing in my plants.  I can only pull so many before I will be right back in bed with a hurting back.  The weed I am fighting the most is Johnson Grass.  I never delt with this in Ohio.  Some of this country living is still so new to me.  Between this and the clay here I might pull my hair out!


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  1. have i got some pictures for you! (not yet) but don’t worry! I hate weeds!

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