Packing Our Bags

I am supposed to be packing the car and getting ready to leave in the morning.  Blake is at school and so that leaves me to do all the work.  Somehow it always works out this way whenever we go away.  So I am washing clothes and cleaning out the car…

It is weird because we are leaving the dogs behind.  I feel really bad because I know they will miss us.  I will miss Chloe so much!  I have never been away from her since we brought her home over a year ago; she is my baby!  We moved their crates in the house and Blake’s parents will let them out and feed them.  We decided to let them sleep there tonight.  It feels so weird not having them here!

BUT since we don’t have them with us this weekend we are going to go to the Cincinnati Zoo.  I am excited because we never really get to do things like that.  Also we are going to stop at the new Ikea store that was just built between Cincinnati and Dayton.  Hopefully I can find some chairs to match my new table! 

I guess I better go finish packing.  Have a great weekend! 


5 Responses

  1. you are up late! I will take care of your doggies!

  2. That was my zoo growing up. Love it! Have a great time.

  3. Yall have fun! I love the zoo! Any zoo! I hope when Lil Miss H gets here we can take her to the Houston Zoo! It all depends on the weather! We don’t want to take Mr. “S” family out in the H-O-T Houston Heat! It will allllllllllllll be up to them!

    We have an Ikea…I love it! You can get some cool CHEAP stuff there!

    Have fun don’t worry about the dogs! Yall just enjoy yourself! =)

    I can’t wait to hear about the trip and see a TON of pics!

  4. I am jealous. We don’t have an IKEA anywhere near us.
    I always end up doing the packing and washing too. Have fun.

  5. did you have fun? Was the zoo ober hot? I am just cleaning the house right now. NOt fun!

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