What a busy weekend!

This weekend was good but I could really use a nap now!  Friday I went to work with Blake.  He is building a fence for the same lady he built the pergola for.  I like to go so I can hang out with her while he works.  She is like a grandma to me, which is nice because all my family is in Ohio.  After we left there I talked Blake into stopping by the JCPenney scratch and dent store we have in town.  They have all sorts of furniture and some really good deals.  The deals go fast and new shipments come on Thursdays so I figured we might find something for the house.  We only need a few things and one of them is a table and chairs. 

Manning Dining w/Grass Seating -<b>Closeout!</b>  This is what I found!  They didn’t have any chairs but I got the table for only 100 dollars.  It retailed at 700!  It was missing one of the two leaves that were supposed to be with it and had a few scratches on one of the corners.  Nothing that can’t be touched up.  Now I just have to find some chairs! 

Saturday Blake had his EMT class.  He only has one Saturday a month but it is 8 hours long!  So I went with my adopted grandma to some junk stores.  I found I few little treasures that I would have loved to have but I wasn’t spending any money.  After a full morning of shopping we stopped at a cute little restaurant that specialized in fried green tomatoes.  I am not a fan of those but the peanut butter pie was yummy! 

Sunday we went to church then went to pick up our tile that we have been waiting on.  We came home and worked on the bathroom floor.  It is looking so good!  We will finish it up in the morning so I will post a picture after that.  Blake is studying for a test he has tomorrow but I am worn out!  I am off to bed.  I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Please go by Diana’s blog and tell her happy birthday.  Her hubby just left town for work for the next month and she had to spend her birthday without him.  She could use some good wishes from everyone!


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  1. Hi, Erin. Congratulations on the table. What a great deal and it is so important for a home. I’m sure you’ll find chairs soon. Isn’t it nice to have that kind of a Penney’s? We used to and a Sears too, but they moved out a few years ago so no more good deals around here.

  2. What a GREAT deal on the table!!! That ROCKS! I wished we had one of those stores in Houston! =)

    YUM-ERS…Fried Green Tomatoes I love them!!!

    Sounds like you and your new grandma had a GREAT Saturday! I’m sure she loves having you around as much as you enjoy having her! I think that is really sweet!

    I can’t wait to see the tile pics! I know it’s going to look amazing!

    This weekend was some what busy for us! I didn’t do a whole lot but Mr. “S” and dad did! Mr. “S” was running wires under the house for electric and dad got shocked! =( Poor guys!
    I worked on taking down the wall paper in the house! The kitchen came down easy but the bathroom wallpaper is REALLY REALLY stuck on! I was putting holes in the wall trying to get it off. YIKES! I think we might just replace the sheetrock with some green board! We’ll see! I’m going to try a steamer next weekend! Wallpaper is NOT my friend!

  3. um, you are too sweet. YOu did not have to that, but wow! Thanks!
    That is very sweet that you have an older friend to be with and I am sure she enjoys it too. 🙂

  4. […] him to take me to Louisville to go shopping.  I am still searching for matching chairs for our dinning room table and I wanted to go to the Pottery Barn were they have a table just like ours.  Blake insisted […]

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