Rants and Raves

We had a few situations we had to deal with recently.  I thought I would share with everyone our experience because hopefully it will help someone in a like situation sometime. 

The first thing has been a long process of about 2 months.  Blake has an HP laptop that a fan went out on.  No big deal we thought because it was under the extended warranty he bought still.  Oh we were so wrong.  He called and they shipped him a box so they could fix it.  A few weeks later he received the computer and everything was looking good…except the screen was busted.  So Blake immediately called HP again to deal with the situation.  They gave him some hassle over it but finally agreed to send a box so that could be fixed.  Finally a few weeks later he gets it back and it has a big sticker on it that says “No Fix”.  We were so confused.  So of course Blake called them right away to fix the problem.  

Now just having to call this many times is frustrating enough but of course no one spoke very good English to top it off.  He would have to repeat things several times and they still barely understood what he was saying.  Well to top it all off they were claiming that none of his information was anywhere to be found.  They had no record that he had ever bought a warranty or had any repairs done to it just weeks before.  He talked to one person after another and they kept putting him on hold for long amounts of time.  Finally he had been on hold for over a half an hour when he decided to hang up.  He decided to call the next day and try to do it all again.  He finally had someone tell him he could fax his receipt information and they would re-enter it all back into the computer.  So he faxed it and waited until the following week to call.  When he called that time he still went through the same stuff.  They were very unfriendly to him and in all honesty I think they wore the friendliness out of him.  I started getting so frustrated that they were upsetting him so much so I thought there had to be another way to fix this.  I got on the Internet and found a way to send an email to the President and CEO of HP.  I thought it was at least worth a try to complain.  So Blake hung up with HP on the phone and sent the email.  The next afternoon he received a phone call from and English speaking person from the corporate office.  They said they had record of everything down to each phone call he made.  They promised to get it fixed this time and asked if there was anything else they could do to help.  He said he would like the touch pad replaced because it was a little worn out and they said no problem. 

We got the computer back today and I must say, they did a wonderful job this time.  They replaced his LCD screen that was busted with a really nice plasma screen.  The color in it is just great.  They also replaced the touch pad.  The computer is as good as new now.  HP corporate office did a great job.  Other than that I don’t think I can say much else.  Lesson learned…don’t hesitate to go to the top and complain because someone might actually listen!

The other issue we had was that I found a fraudulent charge on our checking account this week.  It was an online purchase from Reservation Rewards.  I could not recall ever even hearing of them before.  I Googled them and found their web site which I really did not recognize.  I looked through some of the thins that also came up in the search and found the word scam over and over.  Apparently they some how get your card number from other online purchases and then start charging you a monthly fee.  I went to the bank to make sure I didn’t overlook any other charges and to have new cards sent to us.  Apparently I did miss one more charge that was made last month because it happened right after I threw my back out.  The bank said I needed to call the company first and see if they would refund the money and then if not the bank would fight it.  I called them and they gladly cancelled the future charges.  I had to ask twice to have the charges refunded.  Our money was back in the account today!     

I want everyone to be aware of this company though because they can get you just about anywhere on the net.  I finally figured out how they got us.  I recently sent Chloe’s AKC registration papers in and they sent me an email with some rebates from Dog.com.  I bought some bones and a Gentle Leader harness and had a follow up email from them offering a deal for buying from their site.  Well the deal said something about Reservation Rewards I think.  I didn’t do anything except click on it to see what it said.  Apparently that is all you have to do and then they can get your information and start charging you monthly membership fees.  Somehow this is legal according to everything I have read online but it is all crazy and theft to me.  Thankfully we had our money refunded with no problems.  But please everyone be aware of this in case it ever happens to you!   


7 Responses

  1. I’m sooooooo glad HP made it right!!!!
    I’m a Dell girl all the way!!!! They are GREAT!!!!

    That is CRAZY about the fees on your checking account!!! UGH

    Stuff like that just DRIVES me CRAZY!!!!!

  2. That is horrifying about the Reservations Reward thing. Just a click and they can do that. Thanks for the warning. Yikes.
    Glad you got your computer fixed.

  3. Wow, first your back and now this. I am glad everything turned out okay, but what a hassel.

  4. That is crazy! We still haven’t sent our papers in yet. I know what you mean with the people who can not speak English very well. It is so frustrating. Good thinking on contacting the head people. It says a lto that they contacted you so quickly. Too bad you had to go through all of the trouble. I guess they really do record the conversations!

  5. how is the photo job going? And when are you going to to the dog park next? maybe we an schedule a date and then come to my house and cook out! With the dogs! Yea!

  6. Hello! Thanks for stopping by and sending your condolences for Patch!

    About fraudulent charges: This happened to me last summer-almost a year ago. My charges were small at first from some crazy airline traveling in Europe. I called my bank immediately and put a stop to it-I thought. Then I went to the bank later that day to see what else I needed to do-I thought my phone call had canceled my account (Visa Debit Card was used) but hadn’t. Another charge had went through for a larger amount-hundreds of dollars and there were 3 more pending charges. Whew! Cancel right now please! They debited my account and I researched more. I actually called the places and tracked down the perp (probably fake name, email addy, and all) but I talked to one airline (two were involved) and I believe they actually caught the person-don’t know what they did. My Dad says he figures people do this and then go and get a refund for the money/ticket. I dunno know. Anywho-I highly recommend to everyone checking your bank account daily. It saved my life.

    Give your babies a big hug from me! Thanks again for stopping by!


  7. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Evader.

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