The President Came to Town

Tomorrow is Kentucky’s primary election, so Mount Sterling had a visit from former President Bill Clinton.  Here in the Craig house we are not Clinton supporters but we thought we would try to see him anyway.  He was The President after all. 

We found our way down town to the street where he was to be appearing.  As it turned out he was going to be speaking on the front porch of our dentist’s parents house.  We stood around and waited for him to show up, soon a few secret service agents started to appear.  Blake was really excited about that.  Finally a few patrol cars showed up and after a few minutes Mr. Clinton came through the front door and started giving his speech.  We could see him pretty good as long as people didn’t hold signs right in front of his face.  We were about 20 or so feet away from him.

We didn’t have any desire to stick around and hear the speech so we left.  But now we can tell our children that we once saw President Clinton.

ps- Vote for McCain!


4 Responses

  1. Did yall file that and put it on Youtube?
    That was cool! They were here in Houston too but I didn’t go!

    I’m going for McCain too! =)

  2. Well that is cool to be able to say that. Fun 🙂

  3. well, my dad used to work for the President. So there! 🙂 Hehe, I am such a kid.

  4. Cool! Cliff and I just happened to be in Hot Springs, AR, when Bill Clinton was campaigning in the 90’s and we got to see Bill, Hillary and Chelsea!

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