Crime Scene

*Caution-Contains Graphic Images*

Weather: Clear and warm, approx  78F
Arrived on scene at 1505
Responding to scene: Deputy L. Kuhn, Deputy D. Lyon
Location and Description:South end of Hallway, small hallway, tan walls with white trim, four separate doors with attic entry north of crime scene
Witnesses:No eyewitness known.


Victim 1:
Chloe “Wildflower” Craig dob 1/24/07 (approx 15 months old) 25 inches tall, 45 lbs found in south end corner disoriented, staring at the east wall.  Appearance of heavily bleeding wound inflicted to the middle, bottom of ear.  Blood stains under head and neck area indicate profuse bleeding, red to brown and color.  Wounds appear to be result of blunt force and biting.  Victim appears to have been bitten and then thrown into west wall.  Victim appears to have been repeatedly forced into wall, blood spatter patterns appear approx 39 inches up on west wall.

Victim was found wearing pink color, with silver dog bones.  Slightly crusty nose and mud on paws.  Area surrounding victim along with water dish and food bowls appear to have been disrupted.  Brown fur found in victims claws are evidence that victim did attempt to defend herself upon assault.  Also evidence suggest that a white organic chew bone may be the cause for the assault. 


Suspect: Marley aka street name “BUCK” dob 9/15/07 (approx 7 1/2 months old) 23 inches tall, 37 lbs found in north end of hallway chewing upon victims bone.  Suspect did not seem to show any concern for victim.  Upon examination, suspect sustained no injuries.  Suspect was found wearing silver chain also known as “bling”  Evidence shows that suspect may have close ties with local gang members and affiliates. 

Suspect Marley aka BUCK was apprehended at approx 1508 and taken into custody. 

Marley aka Buck recently posted bond and awaiting trial.  If found guilty, may lose dog park privledges and bone rights for 3 months.





5 Responses

  1. lol…you crack me up! Funny post! I hope the ear is better?!?!

    I’m ready to see some pics of the house!

  2. Wow… sounds like an eventful weekend 🙂

  3. That is too funny. I was scared at first, I did not want to sroll down. Hope she okay!

  4. cracked us up. my wife and I were crying. stumbled across your blog searching for labmaraner stuff. We just acquired a two month old female, Heidi, looks a lot like Marley. I can’t wait for her to grow.

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