Still Here

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know I am still here.  I am going through a lot right now and just haven’t had much to write about.  I will be back to writing very soon.  I just ask in the mean time everyone pray for me and Blake.  My back is doing better but still not 100%.  We just had a few other things happen that are too private to speak of here.  So give me a little time and I will be back!  Thank you all for your thoughts and cares!  I have the most wonderful friends here and I can’t wait to be back to all the fun of blogging with everyone!


7 Responses

  1. Hope things are okay. You’re in my prayers.

  2. Do what you have to do. I have you on my Blogroll and my Google Reader. The minute you post I will know (well maybe not the minute you post).

    Hope things get better. I will miss you


  3. I hope you are okay!!! (((HUGS)))
    If you need someone to talk to…I’M *HERE*!

    You are in my thoughts!!!

  4. hey girl- i i haven’t been writing either!
    I will be praying for both of you!

  5. I’m so sorry about your back and the other private events in your life which are all keeping you from enjoying life and from blogging. I haven’t been blogging much either. (I see it’s a trend for several of us.) I’m praying for you. Take good cake of yourself.

    Have you heard of non-force chiropractors? I’m a huge believer. After 15 years of back pain, even after physical therapy, standard chiropractors and pain killers, I have been 100% pain free for the last 3 years and it only took 5 visits! E-mail me if you want details. Take care. 🙂

  6. As an arthritic for 43 years, I know what pain is and you have my sympathy for that. I hope you feel better soon and that everything will be okay. I’ve said a prayer for you.

  7. Hope to see ya back soon! Hope things are looking up.

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