The view from the window

There is not much I can do from the bed other than to watch the blue sky and green grass.  I would love to be outside working in the yard today!  I walked around the yard this morning after my doctors appointment as my in-laws were sweeping the fresh cut grass off the walkway.  We talked about all the things we would like to see done in the yard this year and I am ready to get busy!  Well as soon as I can walk better I guess…

So today I will just sit and watch out the window and wish I was outside. 

Well what else will I do from my bed that I am quickly begining to hate???  Blake gave me a list of items to price out for the house.  Maybe I can’t get up and do anything but maybe I can help move things along by doing some price checking.  Tomorrow we go pick up our front door we had ordered.  We are putting in a french door to help take advantage of any light coming in we can!

The dogs are being very good today.  I have the window opened so that they can enjoy some of the outdoors too.  They are just laying around with me like they can’t get up either.  I must say they have been very good this weekend and extremly gentle with me.  Well except when Chloe decided to jump on the bed and jump on me yesterday.  I think she was really trying to help me forget my back pain by stepping on my throat.  Really I think she was just confused and freaking out because I had just gotten up to go to the bathroom and on the way back I had a bad muscle spasm and Blake had to drag me back to the bed.  At some point I just started laughing at myself and my situation and I think it scared Chloe.  I was in pain and couldn’t walk but couldn’t help but laugh of what a sight it must have been as he pulled me across the floor. 

With that embarrassment revealed I think I will go crawl under the blankets and take a good nap!    


5 Responses

  1. GIRL! I will be praying for you- I mean that.
    Things are going much better for me (fromthe last e-mail). Last week was Spring Break and i enjoyed no computer for a week. So now, I will get some blogs going. Diesel is big – 30 pounds. He got some shots today so he is resting. give me a day or two with the blog- sorry about Chloes nose! 😦

  2. I know how painful muscle spasms can be. I have had them several times. Which reminds me of a story I can post.

    Has the doctor prescribed any muscle relaxers for you?

  3. How are you feeling? Don’t you DARE get out there and do yard work! Stay in bed as much as it might flip you out!!!

    I hope you feel better!!!

  4. Erin,

    One of my other bloggy friends is laid up in bed. I thought you might like to read her blog. It might cheer you up. Go to:

    It’s pretty funny.

  5. Where are you????
    I hope you are okay????
    Let me know…email me!!!!

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