Nothing to do but blog

Today I was supposed to go help take pictures of a wedding but I threw my back out last night so I will be down for awhile.  I was in the fitting room last night trying on a shirt to wear to the wedding and I bent down and stood back up and…  Now I can barely walk. 

Unfortunatly this is nothing new.  This time last year I was in about the same condition.  It runs in the family, my dad has struggled with back pain as well as others in his family.  I called the chiropractor right away this morning and went in to get an adjustment.  It only took about an hour to get out of bed but I did and I made it into the doctor.  He said he was afraid that I am flirting with a disk problem.  I sure hope it doesn’t get that bad because I don’t want to ever have to have surgery.  My cousin had a disk replaced in her back and she said if she could do it over she would not have the surgery. 

I am so thanful that Blake has been here to help out.  He might be guilty of making me laugh at the wrong times and sending me into a terrible muscle spasm but he has been helping me so much.  He is the most amazing man to me!  He proves his love to me in the ways he cares or me and takes care of me.  You know the complete humiliation you know you will endure with your spouse in your old age?  Well I have gone through that with Blake in only our first year of marriage.  I thank God for him every day!  

I have another doctors appointment first thing Monday morning.  I would say it will probably be a good week before I am feeling that much better but will have to continue going a few times a week for therepy.  In the mean time I guess I will have lots more time to blog than I have been having.  Blake will be watching basketball all day so he set me up a table at the bed to put my computer on.  What a sweetie!   


4 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry… that sounds like a horrific fitting room experience. I’ve gotten myself stuck many a time but never throw my back out. I’ll let you out of the workout competition 🙂 Feel better soon.

  2. Ohh noo. That’s horrible. I hope it’s nothing serious. And just when you started a new job too. Is your boss back yet?

  3. My boss did get feeling better. He has been very understanding about what is going on with me. I am feeling better everyday so it will just be a matter of time.

  4. How did your doctor visit go yesterday?? How are you…are you going to be okay?? I sure hope you get better…SOON!!!!

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