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With all the greens and browns we are putting in the new house I am always looking for great ways to add some bright colors.  We painted the bedroom a dark green.  I really like it but our bedding is solid brown.  I recently was browsing the JCPenny catalog just out of bordom and found a comforter that I really liked.  Of course Blake didn’t like it because it had some pink in it.  In the magazine it looked more pink than I thought it was.  Well long story short we went into a small store here yesterday called Two Sisters and they had the blanket.  The store carries dent and scratch items from JCPenny.  The only thing wrong with the blanket was the bag it come in was all torn up.  Everything was with it that was supposed to be and in brand new condition.  Also the only one they had just happened to be the size we needed.  Blake liked it so much beter in person and I liked the price!  I got it for 44 dollars when it was originally priced at 325.00.

Product Image

It has the exact shad of green that we painted on the walls.  I really am not a big pink person but the pink in this is more like a salmon.  I am so excited that I found this because I just went in the store on a whim.  We found some furniture there also that was in great shape that weare thinking of getting too.  We really need lots of furniture so I am glad we have this store to get great savings!


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  1. That ROCKS! I really like it!!! =) What a GREAT deal!!!

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