Our Sick Baby

Our poor little Chloe hasn’t been feeling too well.  She has a nasty crust on her nose that we thought was bone nose (a dry crusty she gets from raw hide).  She has started to act like she just wasn’t feeling good and she also started to get a green slim around her nostrils.  This morning it was really bad so we decided to get her to the vet.  When I called they said it sounded like it was an upper respiratory infection.  Unfortunately it didn’t end up being so simple. 

Blake took her and he said the doctor had trouble figuring out what it was.  All he could come up with was that it was some sort of infection on the outside of her nose.  She was running a fever of 102.  He said that her immune system was attacking her nose itself to try to rid the problem and it is eating her nose.  She was sent home with 2 antibiotics, a steroid, and a fungal cream.  The vet said that if it doesn’t clear up in 7 days he wants to see her again to take a biopsy of the surface.  Worst case they may have to cut a layer off of her nose to remove the problem. 

I just hope that everything will clear up good.  She did a great job taking her medicine tonight.  Here is a picture of how bad it looks.  Sorry if it is gross but I wanted to show everyone in case someone might have the same kind of problem some day.  Apparently Weims are prone to infections with their nose for some reason.



7 Responses

  1. Wow, I never saw anything like that before. Did they send her home with a fever? Did they give you anything for the fever? Do you know how to take her temperature? That fever business has me more concerned that that nose. I know, I am not normal.

    Keep us posted.

  2. poor puppy!
    No honors- I’m just glad they are letting me graduate 🙂

  3. Poor baby. I hope she starts getting better soon. I hope it doesn’t hurt her.

  4. Poor Chloe. That looks like it hurts. I’ll b back to see how she is doing.

  5. I hope your baby gets to feeling better very soon!!!! =(

  6. I found up this picture of your Dog, but had no time to look the rest of the blog, sorry!

    Chinese medicine explains and treat dry crusty nose:
    first sign of Yin deficiency (like fluids deficiency), thus prone to heat disorders (like infeccions).
    Treatment: besides Yin-nourishing herbs (will have to see a TCM vet, or an acupuncturist vet), you should give her lots of fruits, especially juicy fruits (melon, watermelon, but also apple, pear, banana), and avoid dry food.

    Beatiful dog, anyway!


  7. Hi my pup at 13 has the same issue. Did it ever resolve and/or do you know what meds had the most significant effect?

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