I Quit!

That is right I officially quit my job!  Yesterday was my first day of being unemployed and it was great!  Blake and I decided last week that I should take some time off between jobs because I have never had time off since I moved down here.  The stress and unhappiness that my job was creating was effecting both of us.  I am so excited to have the time off to relax and also spend time working on things around the house that have been neglected.  More than anything I really look forward to the time I will have in prayer and Bible study.  Over the past few months God has been leading me to give more of myself to Him and this time off is going to be all about getting my heart in the right place and taking my life in the direction God would like it to go.

Yesterday was a great day!  Blake took the day off with me since it was raining. He is just about finished with the pergola he is building but with the rain yesterday and today it has been put on hold.  We had some things we needed to go take care of anyway so it worked out well.  We went to Lexington to get Blake some pants.  He was in need of some new work pants and church pants.  We decided to get the rest of our camping stuff while we were out also.  We had a great time spending the day together.  Oh the electrician came out yesterday too and hooked up some of the light fixtures.  I will have to post some pictures of them later.

Today we haven’t really done much yet.  We got up and made blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  We were going to finish up the last bit of the painting that needs done in the house but it is too dark since we still don’t have all the lights in and it is dark and rainy outside.  I guess we are just going to do laundry and have a lazy day.  I will admit it feels good to be sitting at home in bed while I blog!  Marley is laying on my feet and Chloe is curled up beside me.  I think I can get use to this.  


5 Responses

  1. I’m so jealous. I really want to quit my job but can’t afford to right now with Richie in school. I would love to have the freedom to do everything I just can’t fit in right now because I’m sitting at a desk 9-5. What about the photography gig?

  2. I will go to work at The Studio soon. He said it would be a few weeks before he is ready to bring me on since he wasn’t really looking to hire when I went in there. He said I have a job for sure so I decided to take time off until then!

  3. I don’t blame you. ENJOY!!!

  4. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo “HAPP” for you!!! =) I know you are going to enjoy every little bit of time off you have!!!!! =)

    Mr. “S” is going to be home today!!! =) Yahoooooo!!!! He was in Florence, KY!!! He said they got snow last night and he also said it was yucky weather the whole time!!! He said it rained and rained and rained!!!

    I hope yall have a HAPPY Easter!!!


  5. Congrats on leaving your job! It can’t be all work and no play so enjoy your time off.

    I found your blog through The Empty Nest blog. I’m going to be adding you to my blogroll also.


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