Just call me Tired!!!

Wow my body is aching today and I would love to be back in my pj’s in bed!  This weekend went great but I am tired!  I worked at The Studio for 8 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday.  I wiped noses, acted silly, played with puppets, cleaned up baby spit-up, calmed crying children, moved lights around, tickled kids, and so on and so on.  I spent most of the weekend getting up and down off the floor.  My legs are not use to that at all.  I have bruises from standing on my knees to be at the children’s level.  Oh but it was really fun!  The weekend just flew by.  I never ended up taking any pictures just because I didn’t know the camera they were using very well.  But I was able to prove myself by assisting Tom (the owner/photographer).  Most of the girls that work there act like they could care less if they are there and so I jumped in as his assistant and did really good.  I had so much fun.   

As far as getting a full time job there….I will have a job they just have to work some things out first.  I think there is a girl who would rather not be there and she has been ill for about a week now.  I guess they think she may quit or something so they just need some time to see what happens there.  I am really excited!  I love how close it was to the house and the work environment.  I felt like myself again this weekend and I think Blake could vouch for me being happier after a hard day at work!  Now I just have to wait.  I really hope that I hear something soon!   


4 Responses

  1. Awesome! I am very excited for you. I understand how the kiddos can wear you out. I can’t wait for you to start taking pics!

  2. Way to go girl!!!! =) That ROCKS…sounds like you did GREAT! The happier the kids the faster and better pics he will get…he is going to love having you around!!! =)

    Check out my blog post today!

    I have a new friend that I talked into blogging…go check her page out to find her link and then go tell her hi!!! =) PLEASE! =)


    I also left you a little something on my page…hehehe!

  3. Good luck. I hope you get the job and love it!!

  4. Well Im glad you are getting back in to taking pictures! Speaking of pictures its almost time to take some more senior pics! I cant wait!

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