I almost forgot

In the midst of my crazy busy weekend I forgot about one thing.  We took our elliptical back that was continually breaking.  We exchanged it once and it did the same thing as before.  It had a warranty but that doesn’t do any good when the company refuses to have someone answer phones or emails.  Dicks Sporting Goods refused to give us our money back.  I really think that was stupid of them.  I think they should be standing behind the stuff they sell.  We had 2 different machines that broke after 2 weeks each time.  We did get them to at least take it and give us an in store credit. 

So we bought a tent and an awning. 

We still have a few hundred dollars left to buy some more camping stuff.  Last year we wanted to buy everything to go camping but never did.  Now at least we have no excuse about going this year.  I grew up camping all the time but Blake really has only camped when he was really young.  We have lots of places near by that we can go for a weekend easily but my favorite place is where my family goes every year.  It is so pretty and the camp grounds are great!  Check it out…Old Man’s Cave!


5 Responses

  1. Looks like a great place to go camping. I love the little cottages!

  2. The park and the cottages look really great. You can have your tent….I’ll take the cottage. heh heh

  3. Ooh I want to go camping. Forget an elliptical… you don’t need to work out anyway 🙂 Aren’t I a great competitor.

  4. I love camping!!! =)

    Boooooooooooooo to dicks but at least you got a in store credit!!! That ROCKS!!!

  5. That is awesome! John and I love to camp- well- we haven’t yet together, but we always talk about it! We might go for our 1 year ann. in May.
    We have lots of camping gear- we should go with our dogs!

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