Taking a day for myself!

Yesterday I got to have a little bit of a me day!  Since this weekend is going to be a very busy weekend for me, I decided to take a little break.  I took the day off yesterday and try to get some things done that needed done.  I really didn’t get anything done like I thought because I spent the morning relaxing in bed. 

I decided not to spend the whole day on my butt so I got up and took Chloe and Marley for a walk.  The weather was really nice!  The temperature got up into the 70’s here.  This was the first time I walked both of the kids together.  I was afraid they would pull me up and down the street but they did pretty well.  Marley walks about 2 steps behind and Chloe 2 ahead.  Marley is so funny.  His personality is so different than Chloe.  He is laid back and kind of lazy.  Chloe is always ready to go and crazy full of energy.  Hopefully they will meet in the middle and be just a bit more like the other one!

After our walk I fixed lunch and Blake came home and ate with me.  I really liked getting to spend some time with him like that!  We have had a really rough couple of weeks and I won’t see him much this weekend so the time together was great!  I had to hurry up and get ready to get out the door because I was going to get my hair cut.  I have had the hardest time finding someone I liked to cut my hair since I moved here.  I absolutely loved the girl who used to cut my hair in Ohio.  Since I have moved my hair has went down hill fast.  BUT yesterday I think I finally found a new hairdresser!  I called this little shop that is new in the downtown area called Shag.  I went and my hairstylist was a guy named Johnny.  He did a great job and my hair looks nice and healthy again!  Even Blake said it hasn’t looked that good since we got married.  (I don’t care that he said that because he knows the struggle I have had with it.)  I did cut off about 4 inches or so.  It is not short by any means though (it is still past my shoulders).

After that I went home and cooked dinner.  We didn’t have anything great just some stuff we had around the house.  But then we had a wonderful evening.  We spent a lot of time cuddling and just being close.  We watched the movie Just Friends, if you haven’t seen it watch it!  It is very funny!  Then we finished the night with some bible study!  I don’t think we have had that great of a night in a long time.  It is funny what a day off and a good hair cut can do for a girl!   


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great day. I got my haircut Sunday and it is way too short. Hehe

  2. Just Friends was one of the first movies that Richie and I watched when we were dating. Sounds like a great day!

  3. I get every Wednesdays off because of cut backs. I have learned to budget and believe it or not, If I stay out of Wal Mart and Target I have more money than I did before the cutbacks.

    I love Wednesdays off. It really shortens the work week and I get a lot of extra stuff done. Last Wednesday I did some gardening as it was a beautiful day.

  4. Good Luck with the weekend…I can’t wait to hear all about it!!! Take a pic of your hair…I want to see it! I’m glad you found someone you liked…I bet it looks GREAT!! I missed my hair appointment yesterday…UGH…my hair is a mess!!! I’m so mad I missed it…I’ve NEVER done that…I’ve had my head so up my butt since I’ve been sick!!! I’ve got to get it together!!!

    This weekend Shad and I are going to work on the lake house!!! I will take some pics! We went up there last Sunday for a few hours…just to check on things and the grass was growing like CRAZY…so we are going to go cut it and clean up the yard!!!

    I’m sure he will do more of it than me…my stupid side it still hurting! =( I have another doctors appointment March 24th with my OBGYN…they think it could be endometriosis causing all the pain…plus the spastic colon…I’m 31 and falling apart!!! =( At least I feel that way!!!

    “S” will be in KY on Monday =(
    I told him what you said about the weather!!! He is glad all the snow is gone…he said it’s going to rain Monday and Tuesday?!?! I told him he better bring me something back from KY! =) A t-shirt or something!

    Well, I’m going to get ready for bed…it’s been a L-O-N-G day!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend…I’m glad you and Blake had such a great day!!!

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