Sometimes I wonder about Blake and I!  We can be so dumb!  This weekend we didn’t pay much attention to anything, we just went around like silly people all weekend.  Sunday morning church was cancelled because of the snow so we slept in.  After we hung around the house most the day we decided to go out to Lexington so we could visit Pet Smart and get Marley a collar.  We have yet to really get him his new dog essentials yet. 

So we got out there and stopped by Bob Evans for dinner.  We just took our time and enjoyed everything.  We went in Lowe’s to order a door for the house and found out they didn’t have what we needed.  We then went to the Sportsman’s Warehouse.  We like going in there to look at camping stuff.  They were closed.  We thought that was weird because it was too early for them to close.  Then we went into Old Navy.  Everyone there acted like they wished we would just leave the store.  We knew they would be closing soon but never thought too much about it.  Then we went to Pet Smart.  By our clock we had about 15 minutes.  We thought we could hurry up and get what we needed.  They already had their doors closed.  We were pretty upset by this.  We drove all the way out there just for that and they were closed.  We decided to slip inside Michael’s since they were open an hour later than the other stores.  While we were walking around they made an announcement saying that they were closing and that it was 15 after the hour.  I thought why would they make that announcement 45 minutes before they closed.  Oh well we were leaving anyway.  As we left the doors were locked.  A girl came to unlock them and I thought about asking her why they would lock the doors so early.  I kept my mouth shut instead.  We then decided to go into Target because we knew they were open until 9. 

Finally we went on home very frustrated that we wasted our time driving all the way there.  (It is about a half an hour.)  After we were home we found a movie on TV to watch.  It was supposed to start at 10.  It was about 9:30.  We went in the kitchen to get a snack for the movie and Blake pointed to the clock.  He said it is only 8:30 we should find something else to watch until 10.  Then it occurred to us at the same time…we missed the time change!  We felt like dorks!  Then I was upset because we had to change all of our clocks and I lost an hour of my evening.  Before I knew it I had to go to bed. 

Daylight Savings Time cartoons 3530


5 Responses

  1. i love the new site. Great pics! I understand about the drive. IT takes us abot 15 min to get there. Sorry I haven’t been more interesting in my comments- IT has been a rough three weeks. But now, things are good- well- normal!

  2. haha that’s really funny that you guys have no idea and it was already 9PM. Sometimes it’s nice to be in your own world- maybe just not during DST. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. I think someone is trying to tell you that you should have gone to church. 🙂

  4. That’s so funny! Our pastor doesn’t let us set our clocks forward or back until after the Sunday service that day!

  5. Hilarious!! Sounds like my husband and me.

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