Snow Day

We had a surprising winter storm like most of the rest of the country today.  (4 inches or so here in Mt. Sterling)  Unfortunately it kept me from getting to go work at the studio today.  I went last night to help set up but then today wit the snow it was moved to next weekend.  I was bummed out but it meant for a great day with Blake and the kids! 

We went out early so I could take some pictures of the snow and to fill our bellies with some yummy breakfast.  I got a really great shot of the snow on a local golf course.


When I was editing this I found a deer in the background.  Can anyone find it???  It was watching me the whole time.

When we got home we decided to let Marley and Chloe play in the snow.  Marley would be happy to just eat all of it he can.  The poor thing his knees were knocking the whole time we were outside.  With the Ohio snow under her belt Chloe tried showing Marley how to play and run in it.  He finally got the idea and had lots of fun.  This is the most activity we have seen from him yet.  He is definitely feeling so much better!



4 Responses

  1. Shad is freaking out about flying to KY with all thebad weather up that way!!! He doesn’t like flying and the weather just adds to his stress!!! =( Poor Him!!!

    I love the snow pics!!! =)
    Sounds like a fun day!

    I love deer hunting and I can’t find the darn thing…where is it?? Maybe if the pic was just a little bit bigger?!?!? =)

  2. Gorgeous!
    You made me pull out my magnifying glass and I still can’t see it! LOL. I think you need a bigger picture. There’s a couple spots where it might be him, but it’s just too small to tell for sure.

  3. Glad to see that you enjoyed the snow… and your dogs are beautiful!

  4. Hey! We had about 15 inches of snow here in Ohio! I’m glad your horse I mean dog is doing better. Love ya!

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