Evaluating The Love Bank

Blake and I have a wonderful relationship.  Most days I couldn’t be happier.  But as all married people find out we go through seasons where things just are not the best.  We let life get in the way of appreciating and loving each other the way we are supposed to.  This week we decided to do a little something to help build are relationship.  We went to the bookstore and picked up a little devotional called Devotions for Couples by Patrick Morley

We have really enjoyed the book.  It is supposed to be a 60 day study but we enjoy it so much that we read 2 or 3 a night.  Just a few things we have read about so far are how we each have a love bank account.  It can be overflowing, half full, or almost empty.  We make deposits and withdraws from each others bank accounts on a daily basis by doing thoughtful things that make one feel good or by doing unthoughtful things that make one unhappy.  When we are overflowing or near that it is easier to handle the little things but if we are near empty everything is hard to handle.  We thought this was a great analogy to help be more thoughtful of how each other feels and reacts to things.  

Another thing that we realized is that we are not praying for each other as often as we should.  Like if the weather is bad Blake will pray for me that I get to work safe but if the weather is clear he won’t pray for my safety as often.  I am guilty of praying for him when he is stressed out but not praying as much if he is happy.  We decided that we are going to make some prayer journals.  We will keep track of all the different things we need to pray for and set a time each night to pray.

Overall we are having lots of fun with our book!  We are laughing and talking about things.  I think everyone should find something like this to do with their husband!  Your marriage will be very blessed and your love bank will be full!    


4 Responses

  1. It looks like you guys are on the right track and your marriage is truly blessed.

  2. Hmm I may have to check this book out. Our love bank could always have a little more in it.

  3. Sounds awesome. I will look into it.

  4. Sounds like a GREAT book!!! My bank account has just felt empty…we’ve been going through so much things are HARD to deal with!!! UGH…I might need to get this book!!!

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