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Works for Me Wednesday is backwards again today.  That means that I get to ask a question and receive some answers from all of you!


I love to cook and bake but sometimes I struggle to find really good healthy recipes.  Especially for desserts!  There are only 2 of us but unfortunately I work full time so I don’t have as much time to cook as I would really like.  I have to come up with a quick dinner so that I not cooking all night and eating really late.  I would love if everyone would share with me their favorite recipes that are quick and healthy!  Oh yeah and please with affordable ingredients!  Thanks in advance! 


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  1. I love having angel food cake with some kind of fruit topping. Try heating up frozen raspberries on the stove and then pouring over angel food cake. Both ingredients are relatively cheap… or you can make your own. I also love having healthy smoothies for breakfast, dessert, or any other time!

  2. I like to use pre-packaged mixes. I like to make Pudgy Fat Free Brownie mix or Krustez Fat Free Brownies or Low Fat Blueberry muffins.

  3. I don’t know how healthy this is, but a quick dessert around here is to mix up some fat free, sugar free chocolate pudding with fat free milk.

    Put the chocolate pudding in a glass (half full) and spoon in some sugar free, fat free whipped topping. We call it “pudding in a cloud”.

    Come to think of it, it is healthy with no fat and no sugar. Yay!!!

  4. Check out my site tomorrow- (or tonight) we will see how far I get, also SECRET LIFE OF KAT- she is doing parent university on healthy foods tomorrow. I will link you both.

  5. Go to foodnetwork.com on the search box type ‘healthy apetite” they have a dietician that cooks easy, healthy flavorful foods and her recipes are on the site but I reccomend ordering the book because it has the nutritional analysys, I own the book and love it.

  6. I love this…it’s EASY…it’s fast…it’s cheap…it makes a lot…you can freeze it and it’s YUMMY!!!

    Taco Soup
    1lb. lean ground beef or turkey
    1 lg. onion, chopped
    3 – 16 oz. beans (any variety) I use ranch style beans with jalapenos, undrained. (I like it spicy)
    16 oz. corn – undrained
    5 oz. tomato sauce
    15 oz stewed tomatoes
    1 1/2 c. water
    4.5 oz. green Chile’s (optional)
    1 pkg. taco mix
    1 pkg. ranch dressing mix

    In a LARGE pot, brown beef/turkey with onion. Drain. Stir in rest of ingredients. Simmer 15 minutes. Makes 3 1/2 quarts or 10-1 cup servings. May be frozen up to 3 months.

    (Above is the way the recipe came)

    These are my changes:
    I added:
    Fresh Chopped Cilantro at the end
    1 can of Rotel Tomatoes – undrained

    I also cooked a batch of Jiffy Corn Bread to top it off!!!! =)

  7. Black Bean Soup!

    2 15oz cans black beans, rinsed and drained (or equivalent amount of black beans you cook yourself in a pressure cooker)
    1 ½ c. veggie broth
    1 c. salsa
    1 tsp. cumin

    Blend everything up in a food processor or vitamix. Heat thoroughly and serve with chopped green onions for garnish.

    We serve this with homemade whole wheat bread or cornbread and I always double it at least. You can reduce the amount of broth and it makes a great bean dip. ☺

    Also… baked apples: http://www.smugmug.com/photos/102026598_FNjQ2-L.jpg

    I’m sure you can find an easy recipe online. Just a bit of brown sugar, lots of cinnamon and some time in the oven. Yum!

  8. Erin, that’s also one of the questions I asked on my WFMW post this week. Come by to see my readers’ answers, including a first place award winning dessert! I also have a recipe page. Take a look at my Chicken Tomato Salad. It’s super fast, easy and good. You can easily substitute with turkey too.

  9. Hey!

    I try to put some healthier recipes up on my blog:

  10. Hello! Check out my blog http://stephchows.blogspot.com/
    It’s about recipes that I’ve made up/ changed up to make healthy. My specialties are also “better for you” and “good for you” dessert. Almost all of the recipes are also fast and easy. I add recipes as I make things and I LOVE to cook and bake so I’m always updating it! I hope you enjoy it, pass it along if you do 🙂

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