What a Weekend!

We had a really great weekend!  We thought it would be really relaxing but as you can see we received a little surprise.  Marley has been doing really good today.  He and Chloe are best buds already!  Blake even left them alone together while he went away for a few hours.  He came back and they were playing!  I think Chloe is so glad to have a little brother.  She has been such a good big sister!

Saturday it was so nice and warm outside so we decided to let Chloe get out and play.  We took her to the dog park where there were 3 other Weims.  She had a great time!  She was very outgoing and ready to play so much more than usual.  Usually she is a little scared when other dogs chase her and want to play.  This time she was doing most of the chasing!  She loved running around with the other Weims! 

We have been thinking about getting a companion for Chloe for some time now and this weekend it happened.  We knew that she could really use another dog to play and run with because we just can’t keep up with her.  Marley’s previous owners couldn’t take care of him anymore so they posted him on freecycle.  We were so happy when they picked us to give him a new home.

He slept really well last night.  We let him sleep in the bed.  Today Blake has had to leave them home alone for a few hours and they have just played and played!  He hasn’t had any accidents in the house or anything.  I am so impressed at how well he is doing!  I can’t wait to go home so I can play with him!  

Next weekend is when I will be going and working at The Studio.  I am really excited! 

How was your weekend? 


2 Responses

  1. That is so great that He is adapting well. IS it alright with them sleeping in the bed? We are trying hard not to get there….yet. I feel like when Diesel gets older, he will just crawl up there.

  2. Wow that does sound like a great weekend. I may have to check out freecycle when I’m finally going to get my kitten (in years to come…). Good luck with the new addition!

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