Is a Weimaraner right for me?

Hi, I am really interested in getting a weimaraner and I have been doing a lot of research. I’m in love with them. My only concern is that I live in NYC and I’m not sure if an apartment is suitable for this type of dog. I want to believe that I can do it, but my boyfriend keeps telling me that Weimaraner’s are not city dogs. Any one have a weimaraner in an apartment? Any Advice? Thanks!

I was asked this question by Patty and thought I should just answer it in a post! 

My first question I would ask you is “Are you close to a park and how much exercise can you give it each day?”  Weimaraners really need at least 1 hour of exercise a day or you can say good bye to any thing you really like.  By that I would mean your couch, chairs, blankets, clothes, anything made of wood, plastic, paper…  They will destroy everything if they get bored.  And they get bored so fast!  They are very intelligent because and breed for endurance.  They learn very quickly but they get bored with repetition.  They can be very willful and stubborn.  They will follow you everywhere you go so if you want a dog to just lay around and leave you be this is not the dog for you!  They are breed to hunt for 8 hours or so a day so they have lots of endurance.  I can promise that when you are tired your Weim will just be getting started.

We have an acre yard for our dog to run but it still takes so much to get the energy out of her.  If you can take the dog to the park and run that will work great.  Like my husband said 2 seem to be better than one also as far as them getting the energy out of each other.

“Patty,  I don’t think the apartment is that big of a deal per say, I think it’s the amount of activity that the dog will get outside of the apartment. I would imagine that you have plenty of dog parks around and great places to walk dogs in your area. Visits to the dog park on a regular basis and plenty of walks, a Weim can be great in any environment.

They also need plenty of attention, so I would consider the hours that you are home. Weims who don’t get plenty of activity and attention can be very destructive, more than most dogs. Erin and I have learned, along with other Weim owners; they have expensive taste.

If you are dedicated and have done your research, Weims are the best dogs in the world in my opinion. )

I think Erin would agree with me on two things we could have done different. We should have looked more into Weim rescue. Tons of great Weims looking for good homes. Also, it seemed crazy at the time and to a point still does, we should have got two Weims. A second Weim with a little strategy and effort can really be a big help in the attention/activity issue that they have.  Good luck!  Blake”

They also love to feel like part of the family.  Our is the biggest baby.  She will still sit in our laps and let us hold her at 50 pounds.  She also think that she is a human.  I can’t explain it but if you have one you will know what I mean.  They can have their feelings hurt so easily because they will think you are the greatest thing.  You must be willing to give them lots of attention.  They also need very firm discipline or the will learn to rule the house.

Any other questions feel free to ask!


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  1. Erin, how about barking? The amount and volume might be an issue for someone in an apartment or even condo or townhouse.

  2. That is a great question! Weims can be very obnoxious barkers. They have a deep loud bark that is unpleasent. Chloe very seldomly barks. When she does we correct her and she stops. With the proper training I believe that it could be fine.

  3. just a comment on getting TWO dogs. You should not get two puppies from the same breed. They will bond to each other and not you the owner. Plus, be careful to get a boy and girl. Two boys will fight for dominance. Plus, with two puppies- if there is an accident you will not know who to discipline. There is my two.

  4. Thanks for the response! There are plenty of parks by me and I’m sure this dog will be perfect for me! There are also a ton of dog walkers that I can hire to take the dog out while I’m at work. I will just have to schedule my day around my new puppy.

  5. Well Patty that is great. If you really decide one is right for you than go for it! And please come back and share pictures and stories. We are always here if you have more questions!

  6. Hello. I realize it’s been some time since the last post, however, I was wondering if a single, working, apartment-dwelling person will be OK with a Weim. I am extremely active, as I run 10-15 miles per week and would love a companion. I wouldn’t dream of putting the dog in a bad living environment, so I appreciate your opinion- thanks.

    • Dan-
      First of all thanks for visiting my blog! Second, I think you could manage ok. There was a good period of time when my husband and I were both working. It was tough on Chloe because we were too busy to give her walks every day. We learned very quickly that it just wasn’t going to work. But if you are running your dog than that would help very much. A Weim may still get lonely during the day so you could also look into doggy daycare a few days a week or something like that. Some Weims do have big problems with separation anxiety. Maybe doing a rescue would be better than getting a puppy so that you can be sure the dog will do the best in that environment. Also they say puppy’s should run with you until they are full grown. I am not an expert so don’t hold me to that!

  7. Hello,
    I see this is a really old post but I came across it when I was trying to find as many info as possible about Weimaraners and apartment living. We are a young couple, we are both working and cannot really change that. We would really love to get Weim puppy but we want to make sure she will be happy. Can it all work out? Because the biggest fear we have is that she might be destructive when left alone at home cause that’s what we heard about Weims.
    I had a dog when I lived with my parents, she was English Cockerspaniel and she was perfectly fine with being all alone during the time when we all were at school/work. She never destroyed anything in the house while left alone.
    If our Weim would get an exercise she need, would she still be doing bad things while at home alone?
    And how long walks do you recommend for Weim? With our cockerspaniel we usually went for one hour or so in the afternoon and during the weekends and holidays even for longer. Especially when weather was nice. Are walks off leash in the park, ball retrieving etc enough? or do they need daily jogging?

    Thank you, I hope someone will answer as there are many information I found which are contradicting or not objective in my opinion. Someone who really has Weim in an apartment and is working can give better insights than someone who lives on farm and thinks dogs does not belong to the city

    • hi Emma…

      I am also Emma :), and I have a one and a half year old Weimaraner.
      I live in downtown Toronto.
      when I obtained ash I was living with my boyfriend, we had opposite schedules, I was a runner, and it seemed like a perfect weim in city scenario.
      well we broke up… then I injured my back (no more running) and despite the 2 hours I day I spend throwing the ball in the park, in addition to the 9 hours a day I work… it is REALLY hard.
      Ash is my second weim, I love him to bits… but there have been many days I have been reduced to tears.
      my Weims in particular (they both were, ash more so) are/were incredibly bonded to me…
      they really do NOT do well on their own.
      I can’t even begin to compile a list of things he’s destroyed…. everything from $3000 sofas to underwear (at least 65 pairs, no kidding)
      they are SO much work, and it’s like that until they are like 8 or 9… no joke.
      I really don’t reccomend them to the average person… maybe I’m a masochist or something 😉
      please, please, please think about your decision VERY carefully. I promise you, if you are not ready for an intense commitment, your dog will end up in a rescue (yes, it does get THAT bad)
      I love Weims. they in my opinion, are one of the most sensitive and loving breeds out there, but buyer beware.
      they will own you if your not careful…ALSO this type of dog, and it’s idiosyncrasies will take a toll on your relationship with your boyfriend, without a shadow of a doubt… so make sure you guys are ready for a 15 year commitment to a perpetual 70lbs, extremely strong & smart 3 year old.

      • Hi there, I read your post and had to respond!!! I am in the same position as you Emma…Had a bf of 3 yrs, we got a weimy. When Lula was about 5 months old I figured out she could out jog me by about 5 miles without any effort, so I bought some roller blades so I could keep up. 3 months later I had major ankle surgery which resulted in no more jogging or running–ever! Soon after the bf and I broke up….So now I have my Lula who is almost 2yrs old and live in a tiny house with a tiny yard. It’s tough, no matter how long of a walk I take her on nothing replaces full speed off the leash running she desires. She doesnt eat furniture (anymore) but undies, pants, socks actually any clothes are goners!!! She has eaten a $400 pair of glasses…yes glass and all. That vet bill was expensive, super glue, camcorder, countless shoes and the list goes on and on. As much as I love her I would not suggest getting a weimy by yourself in an apt/condo/dwelling without yardage unless you are gainfully unemployed so that you can dedicate 4 to 5 hrs a day entertaining he/she. They are wonderful dogs but require ALOT of attention. I will be moving into my own apt soon and am trying to find one super close to a doggy park bc I’m going to need it lol! Doggy daycare isnt an option for me since I work nights, its tough but it can be done. I just would not have chosen this had I known then what I know now. But as it is Lula and I make the best of it 🙂 Gooooood luck

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