Always Having Something to Say


Let me just tell you…this dog always has something to say!  Usually it is when she is tired.  She will let you know that you are staying up well past her bedtime!  When 10:30 rolls around she gets grumpy.  She wants to go under the blankets and have all the lights turned off. 


She looks so sweet when she is sleepy!  What a big baby!


5 Responses

  1. Actually…I took that top pic because she was laughing when you farted in your sleep. It WAS pretty funny.

  2. Listen play nice or you will be banned from my blog!

  3. That top picture is hilarious. You should put that on Flickr. Did Chloe really laugh when you did that?

  4. Kathryn-you are not alowed to participate in Blake’s evilness! I did put it on my Flickr page.

    Oh and for everyone who needs to know she is yawning!

  5. The pictures speak for themselves!!! =) So so so sweet!!!

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