Paint Pictures

Okay here are the pictures of what we have started painting.  So far we are just working on the main living space.  Next we will do the master bedroom and bathroom.  Last will be the laundry room, office, and 2 spare rooms.


This color will go on all the walls in these 4 rooms.  It is called tree trunk.  It is a brown with a green tinge in some light.  Blake has decided he likes it too!






4 Responses

  1. I love the tree trunk color… it definitely makes for a cozy living room!

  2. I like it!!!! It’s going to look GREAT!!!!! =) I like the french doors too!!!! =) We have sliding glass doors at the lake house…we want to replace them with french doors!!!! =) Have you even heard of Cragi’s List…we’ve been shopping on that for some used or new french doors!!! You can find some really good deals there!!!! =) Do they have a Craig’s List for yalls side of town???

  3. Yeah we frequent craig’s List. Blake actually just sold some of his tools on there today! We have to buy a new set of doors because the one there is acctually too small. It only opens one door too. Since that is our only entry into the house we have to find a door that will be more secure than most french doors. I wish we could find that on craig’s list!
    The reason for french doors is since we have a walk out basement we only have the 2 windows you see here, the french door, and a big window in our bedroom. The rest is under ground! We will take all the light we can get.

  4. Oh yeah….
    Where is the bedroom…lol =)

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