I can make it own my own!

This is Blake and my favorite Homestar Runner cartoon.  Check out more Strong Bad emails for more laughs or in this case crys.  (Okay so I get really bored at work!)


4 Responses

  1. I used to watch those all the time! that is so funny! And feel free to stalk away… I was at work all morning or I would have stalked back!

  2. Okay….for real….you made me freaking CRACK up on the video…
    I’ve never seen anything like that!!!!

  3. I have never seen these. They are funny. Although Strongbad looks and acts like my brother-in-law. Yuck!

  4. Hey, Just getting back to you about the bones. Kylie fortunetly doesn’t chew anything except the things we give her- and the occassional soda bottle she finds in the recycling.

    She can go through rawhide in a matter of minutes. Even compressed rawhide only buys an additional 5 minutes or so. The BullySticks may give her a 20 min project but if she eats too much it upsets her tummy. I feel bad taking a toy away 3 minutes after I give it to her. The sterilized bone seems to be a winner. Hand rubbing some peanutbutter or cream cheese in them keeps her interested. And the bone bath definately helped as well. She can do the nylabones. The wolf size usually works well for her those could last her a month or so. I did also get her a nylabone that’s the shape of a fist. She likes that and it seems much harder for her to destroy. I recently got the galileo bone from nylabone as well, and she really enjoys that and hasn’t made much of a dent in it yet! Well, I hope this helps. Have you tried the Buster cube? or the Tug-a-jug? Also a good trick is to fill kongs up with thing, wet dog food, water, peanut butter and freeze it. Or put a 1/2 a slice of cheese in it and microwave for about 10-15 seconds, freeze to harden and Enjoy! hehehe
    Let me know how they work! I’ll keep you posted on any new ones.
    -Ali (Kylie’s Assistant)

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